Artificial Grass Installation

As part of our services here at the Artificial Lawn Company, our team of artificial grass installers can lay your artificial grass for you. This ensures a hassle-free experience and can guarantee the best results too. Our installation team operates throughout London and the South East.

If you are interested in our installation service, phone us and provide your approximate dimensions for a quick estimate. We will arrange a no obligation appointment to explain the benefits of artificial turf. This appointment will also give us a chance to provide advice to unsure homeowners and businesses as well as calculate an accurate quotation.

Our first-class service focuses on care and precision with each and every installation we carry out. This will help to ensure a natural-looking lawn and quality, not to mention satisfying results. The professional teams will carry out the entire artificial turf installation, from clearance - stage one - right through to the removal of left behind debris and rubbish. This will leave you with a pristine lawn you can be proud of.

The cost of our artificial grass installation service will depend on several different factors, which is why our appointment is ideal for a full inspection and calculation.

Over the last five years, artificial grass has dominated the market. With the popularity of this product soaring throughout this time, more and more people are turning to this grass alternative. It has also become the most cost-effective alternative for those with lawns suffering from muddy patches. Artificial grass is the ideal substitute for tired-looking decking and paving too.

Fake lawns enable homeowners and families the opportunity to enjoy their garden all year round. Low maintenance, durability and aesthetic appeal are just a few of the benefits associated with this alternative.

In terms of socialising, fake lawns provide homeowners with a garden they can be proud of. Our lawns are also pet-proof and child-friendly, making them ideal for all kinds of lifestyles.

You can explore our extensive range of artificial grass on our website to find exactly what you're looking for. With over ten years experience in the industry, we can also provide the best advice and guidance as to which option is ideal for you and your garden.

On top of all this, our products are covered with an eight-year manufacturer's guarantee. This means you can be confident in your decision, not to mention rest assured that your grass will serve as a long-lasting alternative. 

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