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For many individuals, couples and young families, garden size is a challenge. When living in the city, you can often be left with very limited garden space, if any. From a valuation perspective, making the most of this space is a brilliant way of improving your property’s worth and flipping it for a profit. Furthermore, adding some finishing touches to your outdoor environment can really turn your house into a home, giving it that extra something which you can’t help but love.

At Artificial Lawn Company, we have spent nearly two decades helping modern homeowners refine their outdoor spaces using synthetic turf. Perfect for small garden designs due to its low maintenance and natural durability, artificial grass is definitely worth considering if you want a finish that will look good with little upkeep necessary.

Using our experience working in outdoor environments, we have put together this guide to help ensure you find the perfect small garden ideas for your UK or international garden. Hopefully, by the end, you will know how to design a small garden, or at the very least be inspired to take the next steps on your garden design journey.

Sharp Edges and a Clean Finish


Starting off our list of small garden design ideas is this practical yet attractive look which focuses on cleanliness, harsh edges and a pristine finish. Using brilliant white paint, raised flower beds and the natural browns of the wooden bench and slatted fencing, this outdoor space is simple but undeniably attractive. If you’re a fan of refined design then this type of garden design will suit you perfectly, doubling as a functional bench and a beautiful finish.

Comfortable Relaxation Space


Boasting a clean and simple approach to small garden landscaping, this idea presents the garden as a relaxed recreational space designed to be used by the whole family. The sofa’s bright colours instantly create an informal atmosphere, whilst the artificial grass flooring and walls make this garden easy to clean, highly durable and pet-friendly, a great choice for young families and anyone with a furry friend to look after. Concluded with a raised brickwork planting bed, this is a versatile space where you can do anything, whether it’s read a book or play with the little ones.

Quirky Wall Decoration


Some of the most popular gardening ideas for small gardens are those which focus on homeliness and atmosphere. Small spaces are much easier to refine and make comfortable, which is why many homeowners try doing something quirky with their space to make it theirs.

A common option utilising this thought process is to make wall space unusual and unique. In this example, the owner of this outdoor space has added hanging candles to create a relaxing ambience during the evening. Nestled into a wall of artificial grass, this could also be achieved with any other material which can be perforated, just make sure your choice is weather resistant so that it remains safe during the colder months.

Cosy and Quaint


Building on our previous point about homeliness, this style of messy yet soothing small garden design oozes personality and comfort. Combining bright and varied greenery with fairy lights, plenty of pillows and a variety of seating this space really creates that homely feeling that many couples seek. This is a particularly great design choice if you intend to spend a lot of time having social events at your home where you want somewhere for everyone to relax and chat. It might not be so suitable if you want space for the little ones to play, though.

Wild, Natural and Free


Alternatively, you could move away from creating a social or comfort-focused space and instead create a natural wonderland. Small gardens can be a great way to build your own mini wonderland, brimming with your favourite plant life whether it’s wall creepers, potted plants, herbs or a mix of them all. Conclude the small garden design with some minimalist furniture where you can relax and read a book surrounded by inspirational fauna.

Space Conserving Herb Garden


On the topic of plant life, even if you don’t want to go overboard and let the wildlife takeover, don’t be discouraged – you can still use the small space you have available to create something useful. In this small garden design idea, the homeowner has installed a quirky, eye-catching wall planter for their herb garden. Due to the way it has been made, all of the different planters get plenty of sunlight and have room to grow. This is a brilliant choice if you want to have a mix of wildlife and social space in your garden but feel like there might not be enough space for both.

Functional and Bright


For the practical type, convert your small outdoor space into a versatile, functional space that you can use in a range of different settings. This garden design idea focuses on the installation of conservatory-style shelter to protect from the elements, with a dining and relaxation area being placed underneath to make the room useful. This can be an affordable way of making the most from the limited room you have available in your home, particularly in tightly cramped city properties. Consider adding decking and artificial grass to give your dining space a solid, weather-resistant base whilst still having a usable, durable area for children to play games or adults to play sports.

Rustic Slate Cooking Island


To give your home a sense of luxury and exclusivity, take a leaf out of this homeowner’s book and make use of slate. Slate is a classic building material that humanity has been using for thousands of years; however, when used in this manner, the clean-cut black finish can create a distinct sense of opulence. This cooking island creates a functional space worth using, with the wood logs and cooking apparatus adding to the rustic feel of the space. Concluded with some durable artificial grass, this is a practical environment that offers a truly unique finish and will look great for years and years to come.

Social Outdoor Getaway


Finally, consider creating a bright and airy social space for guests and family members to enjoy together. In this small garden idea, the homeowner appears to have made use of a glass-covered pergola, allowing light to shine through on the wicker furniture, light browns and pastel colours. Brought together, this creates an attractive space and a great way of upgrading your small garden into a functional room.

Regardless of what small garden designs you are thinking about using, the key is to make sure that your final choice reflects your personal tastes and preferences. It’s all about creating an outdoor environment which brings a smile to your face when you look at it.

If you are considering adding durable artificial grass into your garden look, be sure to get in touch with the expert team here at Artificial Lawn Company. We have a track record of working successfully for small homeowners throughout London and the South East, producing brilliant synthetic lawn results which are made to last.

With any luck, this list of ideas will have inspired you. Good luck with your design journey!

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