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Ghoulish Gardens and More

As we build up to the end of October, it hits home that it's just a few more days until Halloween! If you're into celebrating the traditional end of summer/day of the dead festival, then you might want to start thinking about how you are going to decorate your home and garden. Many people go all...

Why are So Many People Turning to Artificial Grass?

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  • 27th October 2015

For many, the lawned area of any garden or outside space can be the most difficult to maintain. Traditional lawns require regular cutting, especially in the spring and summer months, not to mention weeding and watering. But these are all time-consuming tasks, which in the present hustle and...

Benefits of Artificial Grass

  • 23rd October 2015

Across the UK, we work hard through the spring and summer months to get our gardens looking as good as possible, but this takes a lot of time, effort and money; all of which goes to waste during the cold and bleak winter months. It can often be demoralising to see the hard work disappear in a...

Through The Looking Grass: Is Your Garden REALLY Green?

One thing that sets our superb range of artificial grass apart from the rest is the depth and colour offered by each type. By using three or more colours in the piles, we ensure that every option, from our Summer Lawn to our Prestige Lawn, looks vibrant, pristine and natural. Nature isn’t...

Afraid of grass? We may be able to help

  • 7th October 2015

There are extensive lists of fears and phobias, some seem very common such as Arachnophobia, and others appear very bizarre, such as the fear of having an idea. However, have you ever considered what it might be like to be afraid of grass? Well, we thought it was worth taking a look at some of...

Housing Your Own Festival

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  • 2nd October 2015

While it may seem that festival season is drawing to a cold and damp close, there is reason to rejoice, as we bring you your very own festival! If you take a look below, you'll see for yourself some of the reasons that this might just be the best line up yet. And what's better yet? No mud in...