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Artificial Playground Turf and What It's Good For

  • Tags: grass
  • 31st August 2015

With the summer holidays drawing to a close, schools everywhere are preparing to welcome their students back to another term of learning. However, as always, the end of holiday blues is likely to make an appearance, so what can you do to treat your pupils before they rampage in the corridors?...

Fake Lawns in Landscaping

  • Tags: grass
  • 27th August 2015

With so many property owners recognising the importance of striking the balance between desirable aesthetics and practicality, it puts pressure on landscapers to deliver a result to be proud of. That said, there are so many methods and ways to transform a home, with artificial grass being a...

Artificial Grass Throughout Life

  • Tags: grass
  • 23rd August 2015

Renowned for its low maintenance and durability, fake grass is quickly finding its way into many a home across the country and further afield. What some people don’t know though is that this surface can be used throughout life, offering a variety of benefits at each stage.   To see...

Heart-warming Gesture of Stoke-on-Trent Residents

People of Stoke-on-Trent have made a heart-warming and lifesaving gesture, to help Alfie Grayson as he recovers from a rare cancer. According to Stoke Sentinel , in 2014, Alfie was diagnosed with autism and his parents faced an extremely tough road ahead as just two weeks after, they were told...

A Green Get-Together (In Every Sense)

  • Tags: green
  • 18th August 2015

As we shift from summer into autumn, you may be looking for ways to keep the seasonal vibe of the former alive, even when it does get a little bit chilly! And, if ever there were colours to be the pinnacle of summer, they would surely be blues, yellows and, of course, greens.   Perhaps...

False Grass for Business Events

Renowned for its benefits in domestic settings, artificial grass can breathe life into business events too. We’ve all seen how it has been used in offices around the world, so why not as part of a display at a big event?   Whether you’re presenting a new product or raising...

Inspired Idea: Inverted Landscaping

If you want to incorporate false grass into your outdoor space without simply replacing your organic lawn, you have a number of options. Of course, it is likely you will be after a design that’s a little less conventional, which is why inverted landscaping is a great technique to consider....

BBQ Tips For Your Fake Lawn

  • Tags: lawn
  • 8th August 2015

BBQs are arguably a staple summer treat for homeowners all over the UK. But when firing up the barbie, there are a few safety tips you need to keep in mind, to avoid total (fake lawn) disaster.   You see, as robust as false grass is, it isn’t designed to cope with hot coals and the...

All-Weather Sports Pitch

In the UK, we have grown all too accustomed to stormy weather; so much so that the first sign of sunshine has us out of our seats and heading towards sandy shores.   But like every year, we will eventually have to say goodbye to the warm weather, and return to our day-to-day, whether that...

Outdoor Fun With Your Pup

  • Tags: funpup
  • 2nd August 2015

So, your pup’s just had a haircut to keep them nice and cool in the hot weather, and you have all the treats ready for a season of training! But what about out-of-training hours, when your energetic pup wants a quick run around or a lazy afternoon; how else can you treat them to, what...