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Watch Out for Garden Injuries

  • 28th February 2016

Gardening is a cure for what ails you, especially when it comes to relieving stress, getting some much needed fresh air and exercise. It also gives you a great sense of pride and achievement in something that you have personally planted, cultivated and looked after. That being said, it is also...

Bird Watching Haven

  • 21st February 2016

If you have an artificial turf in place of your lawn but are still looking at attracting birds to your garden, then the solution is not as far away as you’d imagine. It is easier than you think, to keep those birds tweeting and happily nesting in your garden; all you need is an adequate...

Roof Garden Inspiration

  • 14th February 2016

The popularity of the roof garden has been on the rise over the last few years, with hotels and restaurants opening roof terraces, and more and more high rise apartment blocks having expansive roof gardens for tenants to enjoy. This hot new trend is a fantastic way of people in urban settings...

Spring Fever Abounds

  • 7th February 2016

For all you gardeners out there, the long wait is over. Winter is very nearly done and we can’t wait to get stuck into spring and our gardens again, and we’re sure you will all agree. Spring fever abounds and nothing is going to get in our way! However big or small your garden...

A Gardening Force to Be Reckoned With

  • 1st February 2016

If you’re over the age of 20 and have ever watched television, then you’ll be able to confirm this: At one point or another, you secretly wanted to go on the popular gardening makeover show ‘Ground Force’, and were entirely distraught when the show ended. The way that...