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Artificial Grass is Your Best Option

  • 26th July 2016

If you enjoy eating your dinner in the evening sunshine after a hard day at work or relaxing with a good book during the weekend, then you certainly aren't alone. The irony is, of course, that to enjoy your garden at its best in the sunshine, you have to put in the hard work when you least want...

Come Rain or Shine

  • 19th July 2016

There is a general consensus around the world that here, in Britain, it rains all the time. Regardless of the time of year, the seasons or what the weather forecast predicts will happen; it tends to rain here approximately once every three days, on average. Sometimes this information will be...

Summertime Garden Fun

  • 12th July 2016

Keeping the kids thoroughly entertained during the school holidays can be difficult and expensive, especially if you're looking at going to activity centres and swimming pools. Factoring in the random trips to the cinema, bowling alley and the beach, and it soon adds up. However, we have a plan!...

Make your Garden the Perfect Picnic Spot

  • 5th July 2016

While many people like to focus on the BBQ, one of the oldest British summertime traditions is the picnic - and we love it. Humble and quaint with the romantic nostalgia of days gone by, the traditional picnic is a great way to spend time with your family without the need for the formalities of...