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Why You Should Use Artificial Lawn Instead of Patio

  • 31st August 2017

For some homes, real grass is not a viable option in gardens because of the conditions. If you live in a location that sees heavy rainfall or poor sunlight, or your garden is constantly shaded, you may have considered installing a patio. Gardens without grass are like custard creams without...

How to Use Artificial Grass to Create the Perfect Indoor Garden

  • 24th August 2017

If you live in a block of flats or a house with little to no garden space whatsoever, you probably feel as though you are missing out on having a private outdoor space. Through the use of artificial grass, you can create the perfect garden inside. As much as we all love to sit outside in...

What is the Best Artificial Grass for Me?

  • 17th August 2017

Whether you are looking to renovate your garden, lay a sports field or liven up your exhibition stand, finding the best artificial grass for the job is a must. There are many different reasons why users opt for synthetics; because it is much easier to maintain or because they are...

Get Your Pitch Ready with Artificial Sports Turf

  • 15th August 2017

The new football season is finally here! Pre-season is over and it is time to kick things off, so it is important that your pitch has been prepared. Groundsmen up and down the country have been working tirelessly all summer to get their pitches ready for the new season after endless use. For...

What Better Way to Celebrate National Lazy Day?

  • 10th August 2017

Do you look forward to days when you can just laze about in the garden without a care in the world? We do too, which is precisely what we wish we were doing for National Lazy Day on Thursday 10 August. What could possibly be better than sitting outside in the garden with the realistic feel of...

Artificial Grass and Other Budget Garden Reception Ideas

  • 3rd August 2017

Are you hosting a party or planning a wedding reception in your garden and looking to keep the costs down, but still want to create magical moments?  With artificial grass, your memories will be captured in amazing technicolour . One of the worries about hosting a garden reception is...