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The Artificial Lawns Company offers a tailored solution and a diverse range of fake lawns so that you can get the most from your garden. Previously we've spoken about the major benefits of investing in artificial grass for your home, though we've not gone into much detail of using the lawns to their full potential. Fake lawns open a lot of doors for not only your home, but also the interior décor for your business. Below we have compiled just 3 unconventional ways and places you can use artificial grass.

Trade Shows

If the venue allows it, laying a stretch of artificial grass beneath your exhibition stands and displays can be a great way to attract attention and stand out from the crowd. Not only can you expect a lot of visitors to your stand, but fake lawns are robust and do not show signs of wear and tear easily, making them an ideal addition to events like a trade show where there is a high amount of footfall.

In addition, even if people don't visit your stand, your choice of lawn can make a huge impact on passers-by who may distinctly remember your stand, therefore helping to raise brand awareness. If you don't want to go all-out and cover the whole of your floor space, why not use patches of the lawn to display your products on? They will provide a soft cushioning for your samples and products and will stand out amongst a collection of conventional displays.

This idea of using artificial grass to draw attention to products can also be used in shops and markets to help attract attention and physically promote your product, making it memorable and unique.

Meditation Room

If you'd like to make your meditation room feel more natural, aside from taking your practice outside in the temperamental UK weather, you can use artificial grass to spruce the place up a bit. Not only will this provide you with a soft carpet of realistic looking fake grass making it perfect for meditation and light yoga practice, it will also enhance the appearance of the room and takes next to no time to measure, cut and install.

Also, as these lawns are available in a variety of colours, it means that you can pick the style that best suits the existing décor of your room; from summer lawn to spring lawn, this diversity allows our consumers to mix and match at their will.


As fake lawns drain water quickly and efficiently, they are ideal alternative to pavement by the poolside. They are both practical and appealing as they can be easily washed following a session of muddy, wet feet and look neat and tidy surrounding the pool.

If you don't want to cover the whole poolside in fake grass, you can cover select areas where people are likely to get out of the pool or create a pattern using square tiles or stones and fake lawn like this.

These are just three places you can use artificial grass. Do you have any more ideas for how you can use our fake lawns? 

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