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While there are the obvious uses of fake grass such as artificial sports surfaces, gardens and even the roof top terrace, what about some other over looked places? Below we have compiled just three areas artificial grass could be in the future. 


If you’re a manager who really wants to treat his employees and reward them with a fully kitted out chill out area, then artificial grass can be a fantastic choice. Not only does it brighten up the appearance of the office, it is set apart from the rest of the office and can be dedicated as a gaming area or place to sit at lunch. In addition, as the grass is soft it’s perfect for employees sit on or if you’d really like to reward them, perhaps a few bean bags are in order to give them an area where they can just chill during their breaks. A unique option for any business owner, artificial grass can transform the appearance of your workplace and is perfect for setting your company aside from the rest!


Caravan floors are going to get filthy, there’s no two ways about it. Whether its muddy footprints or bits of dried dirt from your pet’s fur, it’s impossible to avoid the inevitable annoyance of a seemingly spoiled floor. However, and bear in mind we haven’t thought about the logistics of this yet, why can’t artificial grass be used as part or all of the flooring? Providing you choose a grass with very short blades, there’s no reason why you can’t simply trade in your old sponge and dishcloth for a dust pan and brush to give it a regular brush. Also, by choosing artificial grass for your flooring, there’s more chance it’ll look neat and tidy for twice as long as many styles aren’t susceptible to the wear and tear of shoes and feet.

School Playgrounds

While this isn’t an overly ‘unique’ option, it’s a great idea nonetheless. Amongst the uses of grass, school fields are the most vulnerable to damage, not to mention the day that all fields dread; sports day making artificial grass an ideal solution. If you want to keep your school field looking fantastic all year round while diminishing the risk of injury caused by dry patches and a drenched field, then why not consider installing fake grass instead? Not only is it soft and durable, making it perfect for school kids, it also looks realistic.

What’s more, if you’re planning to have a quick shuffle around of play equipment or you are ordering in some new climbing frames for the school, artificial grass will ensure that you’re not left with unsightly patches or dents and can withstand the common damage caused by heavy equipment.

These are just 3 places we want to see artificial grass! Do you have any more that you’d like to add to the list?

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