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Much has been written and said about artificial grass. Its benefits are countless. Its flaws are virtually none. Home residents know that as well as companies and corporations. Yet there are still many who prefer natural green grass to its fake counterpart for their own reasons. There is nothing wrong with using natural grass if they don't mind the extra maintenance and upkeep. However there are certain instances when artificial grass is the only solution to a landscape problem or issue. In today's post we will look at those scenarios in more detail. Homeowners who are faced with these scenarios consider seriously consider artificial grass because they are by far the better option.

Areas Inhospitable for Natural Grass

The soil plays an important deciding factor whether or not lush green grass will grow from it. Depending on the type and how well it's looked after, grass will grow. Since there is an ever-present need to water the soil and provide adequate sunlight, grass may not always grow to its full potential. This is particularly true for homes where the current landscape conflicts with natural sunlight or precipitation. In such situations, artificial grass is a quick fix. You get the lush green lawn feeling all year long and the best part is, they don't require sunlight or water to stay that way.

Landscape for the Use of Pets

Most home owners are also pet owners. They are regarded as a member of the family and one of their favourite places is the great outdoors. With that being said, a landscape should also provide a welcome feeling to pets. Natural grass unfortunately cannot sustain pets with ease. Pets can damage it and there is the fear of germs from the outside coming into the house through pets. Artificial grass does not both with that. There is no natural soil so no concept of germs. Plus it makes the cleaning process much easier. Pets love artificial grass though they may not whether it's not the real thing.

Rooftop Gardens

Rooftop gardens are stylish and provide an amazing aesthetical appeal to your home. However not all rooftops can sustain natural grass. It depends on the house, the area of the rooftop and the structural integrity of the house. Naturally constructed rooftops will require soil and water which would increase the weight of the rooftop for the overall structure to carry. This can lead to cracks or tears within the property. An artificial grass solution is a quick an easy fix. You can walk bare feet in this grass and your house won't have to feel the burden of a traditional lawn.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

This is a personal choice and an ethical one. Reducing your carbon footprint is a good decision for any home owner and any steps that can be taken to ensure that only goes to promote a healthy environment in which they themselves live in. Artificial grass is one of the best way to reduce a home's carbon footprint. It's fast, safe and easy to do. For people who are conscious about the environment and stress on the importance of green technology, you can't go wrong with artificial grass.

These are just a few scenario where artificial grass is the best way forward. Remember if you want to maintain a lush green lawn without excessive upkeep costs, fake grass is for you.

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