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It's not just those with busy lifestyles who rely on fake lawns for ensuring their garden stays green throughout the year; top quality artificial grass is appearing at famous locations due to its convenience and attractive appearance. Here are five famous locations that have featured fake grass in the past, as well as those who continue to use it to this day:

Playboy Mansion

With its reputation for its infamous parties at its Grotto featuring its legions of blonde Playboy bunnies, it goes without saying that the grass at the Playboy Mansion is definitely greener! Its luscious lawns however are completely artificial, providing a low maintenance paradise for Hugh Hefner and his girlfriends to use for elaborate and luxurious outdoor occasions.

Disney World

The happiest place on Earth has even enlisted the help of some local artificial grass installers to provide an ideal solution to heavy foot traffic throughout its resort in Florida. Also used at Disneyland in California, fake grass is especially useful for the popular tourist attraction's peak periods, use in designated areas to make maintenance of the resort easier during Christmas, Halloween and other seasonal events.

Big Brother House

Fake grass lawns were used for the popular UK edition of the reality television show Big Brother, being used in the house when Brian Belo won the series in 2007. Creating a funky striped look, artificial grass was an ideal solution to what happened to the garden in the previous series in 2006, where due to the lack of sun and watering the garden became barren. The 2007 show, also known as Big Brother 8, was also unique as it was the longest running series, starting in May, ending in August and lasting for 94 days.

Chelsea Flower Show

Synthetic grass lawns made their debut appearance at the notorious gardening show in 2010, the first time in the event's 148 year history. It appeared inside a dark cave rather than as a lawn however as an ‘Urban Plantaholics Kitchen Garden' piece in order to meet the strict rules and regulations for the Royal Horticultural Society.

Wembley Stadium

In 2010 Chelsea and Manchester United made football history at a match at Wembley arena, when they became the first ever teams to play a match using a partially artificial surface. The pitch was made of a material which mixed real grass with artificial fibres and was previously and successfully used for matches at clubs like Tottenham, Liverpool and Arsenal.

You don't need a football pitch or international tourist attraction however to reap the benefits of using an artificial sports surface or fake lawn. Simply contact our friendly customer service team here at Artificial Lawns on 01474 364320 to find out more about this effective alternative to grass, including advice, assistance and how you can request a free sample! 

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