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1.       Fake lawns cut down on the usage of lawn mowers, which in the 21st century are either electric or petrol driven as not many garden owners continue to use manual devices. Artificial grass can therefore decrease carbon monoxide emissions as research conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency established that an hour with a petrol-driven lawnmower is equivalent to a 100 mile car trip.

2.       Synthetic grass lawns also help to cut down on unnatural produces being used, such as pesticides, fertilisers and weed killers, which contaminate the earth when used on natural grass. These sorts of chemicals are also dangerous when they come into human contact, making artificial grass a safer option as it requires no additional products.

3.       It's been estimated that the average lawn requires over 55 gallons of water per square foot a year in order to be healthy and maintain its colour. This is why there are therefore significant water conservation possibilities when using an artificial lawn, whilst also cutting costs of water bills, especially during warm and hot climates. In drought-prone areas like Los Angeles, the county has even introduced tax rebates and subsidies for those who remove areas of natural lawn.

4.       Artificial grass is made from natural raw ingredients, such as carbon, hydrogen and polyethylene, unlike PVC which is made from chlorine. Free from carcinogenics and other contaminants, artificial grass is therefore not only green in appearance alone.

5.       As a relatively modern and popular product, there's plenty of discussion within the industry regarding progressive plans to make artificial lawns more environmentally friendly. Thanks to on-going research, in the future artificial lawns will be recyclable and biodegradable for example, beneficial for the eco-system when it's been worn out as this will reduce pressure on landfills. There are also artificial grass companies who already recycle old turf and infill materials for their customers at no extra cost.

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