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Following the stormy summer we experienced here in the UK, homeowners all across the country are holding onto their hats to prepare for what is likely to be an equally wet autumn. Despite the obvious downsides of rainy days, it has taught us Brits to make the most of our time in the sun and to never take a hot day for granted. 

However, for those who narrowly missed the summer storms to spend time on the white beaches of the Bahamas or to go sight-seeing in Rome, count yourself lucky that you didn't have to deal with sodden lawns when trying to bring the washing in or getting caught in a shower when you go to hang the washing out.

While we can't control the British weather and we may only get a couple of hot days during the summer months, there is however, a way that we can take care of our gardens, even if we are planning to jet off abroad.

Aside from hiring a professional gardener, we have a solution that means your lawn effectively takes care of itself. Artificial grass is a wonderful alternative to natural lawn and while natural grass has a myriad of benefits, for many homeowners, the artificial triumphs over the authentic.   

In this blog post, we will be taking a look at just a few of the reasons why artificial grass is ideal for storms all year round and how it can benefit you as a garden-proud homeowner.

Unique Draining Technology

If you're worried about your children or pets playing on the lawn half an hour after a heavy rainfall when the sun is just starting to come out, fake lawns are a great way to go. They come fully equipped with a unique draining system that will work to filter out any and all rainfall or water that has collected on the surface. This means that your enthusiastic bunch don't have to wait too long to get back outside and enjoy the rest of the sunshine.

In addition, because of this technology, it helps to reduce the likelihood of injury following a shower, making it a safer environment for everyone, from teeny tots to lively teens.  

Extended life expectancy

This benefit may sound a little bit strange as artificial grass isn't actually ‘living', but think of it this way. Almost everything has an expiry date, including natural grass. Although natural grass can be re-grown, it takes a lot of effort and time to ensure that it grows healthily, only to see it turn crispy and brown a few seasons down the line.

While fake lawns do need to be replaced after a period of time, arguably it has a longer ‘life expectancy' than natural grass due to its resilience to common forms of wear and tear and its overall durability. In addition, artificial grass is an all-season alternative, meaning that it will be able to stand the brunt of winter and the heat of summer without showing for it.

Minimal Damage and Repair

As we mentioned above, artificial grass is extremely durable making it the perfect option for homeowners who have a lot of play equipment in the garden or want to invest in a summer house or something similar. This promise of minimal damage and repair also contributes to the lawns guarantee of a little-to-no maintenance experience. This is perfect for homeowners who don't have a lot of time on their hands, but still want a pristine garden.

Also, it makes is a low-cost solution that can be enjoyed all-year-round and an investment that pays itself off in the long run when you take into account maintenance, repair and environmental costs.

Fake grass can also be an ideal option for gardens that have flooded in the past. Extreme weather conditions can often take its toll on a vulnerable, natural lawn, but with artificial grass, you have no need to worry as it is not susceptible to flooding or drying out.

These are just a few reasons why artificial grass is great for your garden and an effective stormy weather solution. 

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