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There are extensive lists of fears and phobias, some seem very common such as Arachnophobia, and others appear very bizarre, such as the fear of having an idea.

However, have you ever considered what it might be like to be afraid of grass? Well, we thought it was worth taking a look at some of the concerns or issues that this may present.

A fear can present itself in all manner of forms, you may begin excessively perspiring or breathing very deeply. Other reactions can be very internal and upsetting.

Take the grass away

This may sound a little odd, but if the fear of the green stuff is preventing you from enjoying the summer in your garden - we may have a solution. Fake grass can be installed in your preferred texture, and this can then be approached as an outdoor carpet rather than a living organism.

Less creepy crawlies

More often than not, having a fake lawn can remove some of the other nasty's such as bugs and insects since there is nothing for them to feed on. IF you find yourself treading oh-so-carefully due to not knowing what is hiding between those green blades, then perhaps a false lawn really will be a saving grace.

Less maintenance means less contact
If the thought of having to get out there and root around in the green mass makes you nervy, then perhaps it's time to invest in a lawn that doesn't require your attention. With an artificial lawn,  there really is minimal maintenance required, no browning in the summer and no muddy holes in the winter.


Well, if you're not feeling it, then at least the grass is. Whether you are throwing a garden party or allowing the kids to spend their Sunday with their entire selection of outdoor toys on the grass. You'll be safe in the knowledge that the lawn won't be getting ruined and nor will you have to deal with those dreaded grass stains.

While we can't offer an antidote to the fear of grass, we can do our very best to offer a great alternative. IF you would like some further information on how an artificial lawn could really help you make the most of your outdoor space, then get in touch today. 

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