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Everyone loves a good holiday; a chance to bask in the sun, lounge by the pool and generally relax in your home away from home. However, when it comes to maintenance, holiday home owners often have to ensure that their residence is pristine before they allow the next lucky guest to stay. This might mean anything from giving the home a good spring clean to completely reseeding the lawn. With so much to take care of, many holiday owners look for a money-saving and time-efficient alternative that will still enhance the appeal of the property; this is where artificial grass can come in handy. Below we have compiled a few places you can place a synthetic lawn around the holiday home and why it can be beneficial for owners all across the country.

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is a haven for germs and even around the pool is vulnerable to wet feet and the risk of muddy footprints, especially if you already have a lawn surrounding your pool area. To help make the pool area a little more pleasant and safer, you can install fake grass around it to diminish the risk of injury. As artificial grass drains water fairly quickly, any droplets that find their way onto the lawn will go through the lawns unique drainage system and the grass will remain more or less dry.

Rooftop Terrace

For holiday home owners that are lucky enough to have a property that has a rooftop terrace, synthetic grass can be the icing on the cake for a couple of reasons. Firstly, rooftop terraces often cannot support the weight of regular grass and as artificial turfs are significantly lighter, they are safer to use. Also, in terms of cleaning, all you need to do is simply spray the hose or splash a bit of water over the lawn to get rid of any dirt or debris and keep the lawn looking fresh and tidy. In terms of appearance, these lawns can look truly beautiful as part of a rooftop terrace and due to its soft nature, provide comfort and luxury.


A common use of artificial grass for homeowners is the patio and there's no reason why holiday home owners can't use it also. The patio often speaks for the entire holiday home so why not spruce it up a little with some flowers and a lawn that looks great all year round. Resilient to extreme weather conditions, artificial lawns will last even in the hottest conditions without turning brown and unsightly. They are also durable, making them ideal for areas that are regularly used and locations around the holiday home where sun loungers and other garden essentials will be placed without the worry of patches.

In addition, artificial lawns maintain their luscious green colour all year round, making them an appealing addition to any holiday residence that wants to make an impression.

If you're interested in investing in fake grass for your holiday home or residence and would like a bit more information on how they can transform your property, please get in touch with our customer service team today. Alternatively, feel free to browse through our variety of products to find the right grass for your property. 

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