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We are all well aware of how tedious and time consuming it is to maintain a lush green garden throughout the year, especially during the winter; even the slightest bit of negligence or poor care can singlehandedly affect the entire visual appeal of your front or back garden. This is where artificial lawns come into play. Over the years, they have become the de facto choice among home owners and have become a cost effective alternative to natural grass.

Gardens can benefit immeasurably from artificial grass provided that the layout is carefully planned out and professionally installed. The first and foremost benefit of installing artificial grass is that it requires practically no maintenance and upkeep. A recent survey cites this as the number one reason why people opt for fake grass. This benefit of artificial grass altogether eliminates the need for mowing and trimming. There is no need to toil in the hot sun or in shivering weather on your weekend. Artificial grass comes in different styles, sizes and materials that is fully capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions.

With so many benefits to offer, people automatically assume there has to be a catch and many are quick to assume that artificial lawns must be very expensive. This is not the case; artificial grass prices very reasonable and though there is an initial installation charge, if done professionally, the lawn effectively pays for itself through reduced water bills and other maintenance costs.

Not only is it cost-effective, it also eliminates the need of buying pesticides and other chemicals. Artificial grass makes for an excellent pest deterrent. Since bees and bugs have no place to populate, they practically stay off the lawn thereby keeping it lush green and looking beautiful.

Natural grass is typically green. Artificial grass is more versatile and come in different shades of green to match the visual requirements of homeowners. It comes in various sizes, types and colours allowing homeowners to fully customise their landscape as they see fit. If done correctly, they even add value to the overall property.

Gardens maybe the exterior part of a house but they are nonetheless an important element of a home. By installing artificial grass, homeowners can give their garden a completely new look all year long without breaking a sweat. It is a must have for your garden and undoubtedly one of the best investments you will ever make in your home.

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