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When asked to envisage artificial grass, most people think of fancy public spaces with ornamental landscaping, or picture-perfect suburban gardens with neatly manicured lawns. Traditional as these options may be, artificial grass has become more flexible and more commonplace in recent years. In fact, far from the domestic and landscaping settings it is historically associated with, the fake lawn has become a feature everywhere, popping up in bars and restaurants, schools and public venues, and all sorts of other creative ways. To view various examples of fake lawns, please check out our range here!

One sector artificial grass is yet to completely conquer though is retail. Aside from the possibility of using artificial grass as a floor covering - most likely in trendy outlets or garden and outdoor themed stores - you can use it to enhance visual displays in shops of all shapes and sizes. In fact, the shop window is the ideal place to experiment with artificial grass because it is the place most likely to catch people's attention. The shop window is a store's chance to make a statement and draw people in, and in order to engage with passers-by, the display needs to be well-presented, creative and visually engaging.

We have put together some examples of how different shops can use artificial grass in their shop window displays.

Fashion - Dress up the window with a snapshot of real life

Fashion is a fickle master and trends change every season - sometimes more than once in a season. One thing that doesn't change though is the fact that clothes need to be worn in real life. So what better way to help window shoppers imagine the clothes in your store on them in real life, than to show them the clothes in a real setting? You can create a park, a back garden or a suburban street with a patch of artificial grass and some well-chosen props. And once people have seen the clothes in the setting, they will be more excited to pop in and buy.

Seasonal - Make it a seasonal masterpiece

Seasonal shop window displays are the perfect excuse to blur the boundaries between indoors and outdoors, and to get creative with your designs. You can go all out at Halloween with a spooky graveyard, complete with 3D tombstones and cobwebs. At Christmas, you can dust your artificial grass with fake snow to create a winter wonderland, and for Easter you can create an Easter Bunny paradise with bunting, picnic props, eggs, chicks and rabbits galore.

In fact, you can do just about anything each and every season to make your shop window interesting, inviting and enchanting.

Leisure - Recreate the great outdoors

A common mistake made by those in the leisure retail sector is to put outdoorsy products on a minimalistic, sterile display. When you see a shop selling top notch tents and high end hiking equipment, you want to feel like you are being transported outdoors. To really empathise with nature loving customers, you need to create a nature-inspired, outdoorsy themed shop window display. So instead of pitching a tent on a bland white wooden surface, stick it on a patch of artificial grass and pop a blue sky background behind it. The same goes for sports and leisure shop window displays; recreate the feel of a real tennis court or football pitch with fake lawn and appropriate props.

Of course, when it comes to retail and creative display ideas for artificial lawns, there is far more scope than just the ideas discussed above.

Depending on your sector, the season and the space available to you, you can be as adventurous as you like with your display and how it uses synthetic grass from companies such

So, don't stick to the tried and tested materials like wood and fabric; bring the outdoors in and create a picture perfect shop window display with attractive and versatile artificial grass. Contact us today to find out more.

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