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Fake Grass Lawns look excellent when they are first installed but they also look excellent years later too and this is why they can be incredibly popular for homes and businesses across the United Kingdom.

Components within fake grass ensure that sunlight doesn't cause fading to the colour, areas that are used more than others will not become brown or over worn leaving the artificial lawn green and glorious looking for years to come.

Recent reports by experts show that 40% of injuries can be reduced by installing artificial lawns into the sports facility. This is because it offers a soft rubber infill which is a softer landing if a sports person was to fall to the ground.

If a sports player was to become injured this can put their career on hold temporarily or even permanently while costing a lot of money, with an artificial lawn you can reduce the risk of serious injuries and spend more time practising and winning instead of worrying about becoming seriously injured.

Having an artificial lawn installed also helps save sports facilities time; a full time gardener does not need to be employed to tend to the lawn because an artificial lawn requires minimal maintenance and no watering or aerating at all.

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