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Renowned for its low maintenance and durability, fake grass is quickly finding its way into many a home across the country and further afield. What some people don’t know though is that this surface can be used throughout life, offering a variety of benefits at each stage.
To see what we mean, keep reading, as we take you through the generations and highlight a few of the advantages.
Fake lawns are highly beneficial for children of all ages, thanks to how resistant the surface is and soft landings. You see, not only will your artificial grass look perfect even after a toddler and pet run around, but despite its sturdy nature, your tot can enjoy playtime safely. Plus, it gives children plenty of opportunity to use their imagination and escape to faraway lands or tuck into a lovely picnic made by mum or dad in the garden, on a surface that does the space justice. Visit today for more information on fake grass installation.
For adults, on the other hand, synthetic turf is all about aesthetics and practicality. As a homeowner, you will, of course, want a space to be proud of. You will especially want a space that requires very little work each month, so you can spend more time relaxing! In addition, you won’t need to worry about your lawn flooding at the hand of typical British weather, as these lawns are installed with a unique drainage system.
For the elderly, one huge benefit of fake grass is its low maintenance promise. For those that may struggle with general garden upkeep, it is an ideal solution that will still provide all the aesthetics you want. So, whilst you're reading a book indoors when the weather is looking a little bleak, you can still gaze into your outdoor space, with no slippery muddy patches in sight! Lastly, wheelchair users can enjoy their garden with ease, as it offers firm foundations and an even surface.
Artificial grass will see you through life, and cater for each and every stage. For information on installation, get in touch today to enquire.

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