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We've seen an overwhelming surge in homeowners installing artificial grass surfaces into their homes over the past dozen or so years. Consumers are undoubtedly being enticed by the prospect of the perfect lawn in return for no or little work. This also rings true for companies, schools and nurseries looking to bring down their mounting expenditure. 

Artificial grass brings real benefits to people's lives, freeing up time for more important things like spending time with family and friends or simply lounging around. We live in an ever time-consuming society nowadays, which makes finding ways of relieving this pressure all the more important. If we take a brief look at conventional gardens, you'll notice that to maintain a lush and aesthetically pleasing patch the homeowner is required to do many laborious things:

  • Lawn mowing - To ensure that the lawn appears even in height and neat around the edges, gardeners are compelled to mow their natural grass lawns on regular intervals. This task saps both time and money.
  • Watering - To keep your natural lawn looking tip top you need to make sure it's amply watered to help stave off any discolouration and irreversible damage. The cost (depending on where live) to water your lawn can sharply increase your water bill.
  • Lawn Care products - An additional cost of having a natural lawn is the need for lawn care products. Gardeners are forced to constantly purchase products that will maintain the upkeep of their lawn.

Though speculative at this stage, we could potentially see (in the next 10 -20 years) a complete artificial revolution; and judging from consumer activities of late, this is looking more and more the case. The burden of natural grass has proven too much to bare for thousands of people up and down the country who have turned to artificial grass for their garden salvation. Artificial Lawn Company (ALC) one of the UK's leading suppliers of artificial grass, is well and truly at the heart of this very real artificial uprising. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of artificial grass developments within both commercial and non-commercial environments. ALC recognise the real benefits of artificial grass, so it's no wonder why we cater to such a wide spectrum of clientele.

Having accumulated over 10 years of industry experience ALC have being going from strength to strength. This steady growth is expected (as many have already predicted) to be sustained for a number of years consecutively. For more information regarding Artificial Lawn Company please consult our website or contact us via the options available. 

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