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Crufts 2014 (6th-9th March) is just around the corner and ALC are proud to be a part of the event. We always love attending exhibitions because we get the chance to show the world how fantastic artificial lawns are for different things. Crufts is something we are particularly looking forward to as we enjoy seeing the competitors, meeting their loving owners and explaining why artificial grass for dogs and puppies is such a good idea. There are so many reasons we're excited to be exhibiting at Crufts 2014. Read on to see why you should be excited we're there too!

Why We Love Crufts

As one of the world's biggest dog events, Crufts has become something of an institution. The iconic show both displays and celebrates dogs of all shapes and sizes, paying respect to the roles dogs play in people's lives. Dogs are man's best friend; loyal, loving and sometimes so much a part of the family, they are taken for granted. This is why we feel it is such an honour to be part of an event that puts dogs at the centre.

More than a century after its launch, the world-famous dog show is still at the heart of the event. People continue to be wowed with tricks, obedience and awe inspiring dog-owner relationships. Hard work pays off and prizes are awarded for dogs that are best in class and best in show; audiences admiring Agility and Heelwork events alongside breed-specific competitions. Crufts not only allows dog-lovers to see the animals in action, it also offers them an exhibition of epic proportions to break up the days with. This exhibition is where we belong. With hundreds of other canine-centric companies offering dogs and their owners a selection of high quality, pet-friendly products and services. Crufts is a sight to behold with rows upon rows of stalls exhibiting everything from dog toys and accessories, to walking gear for owners and of course, practical pet-friendly solutions like artificial grass.

Why Dogs Love Artificial Grass

ALC are honoured to be invited to Crufts' exhibition and we are excited because we know our product is ideal for dogs. What do the dogs themselves think though? Well, we think if dogs could say why they love our artificial grass so much, they'd say something like:

  • It's soft on paws, underbellies and snouts. Our top quality artificial lawn is a special blend of durability and softness. It can withstand wriggling underbellies, inquisitive snouts and mile-a-minute paws running up and down it. At the same time, it is still soft enough to provide your pooch with the perfect spot to nap in comfort
  • It is always there. Unlike real grass, artificial grass doesn't wear away to reveal a mud patch when it's trampled by paws all day long. It's tough and evergreen, come rain, snow or shine. Whether it's flattened by Labradors, jumped on by Jack Russells or rolled on by Retrievers, it just bounces back looking as green as it did the day it was laid
  • It lets dogs go about dogs' business. Whether that business is relieving themselves or patrolling the lawn, nose down and tail up, dogs (and owners) have no need to worry. The grass is easy to clean as far as waste is concerned and there won't be any sharp thistles waiting to ambush paws. Plus, no matter how much it rains or how muddy real grass would get, artificial lawns stay in perfect condition - a particular bonus for dogs who aren't fond of having their paws towel-dried every time they come inside.

Why Dog Owners Love Artificial Grass

Part of why we are so excited to be a part of Crufts 2014 is that we get the opportunity to meet dog lovers and dog owners. We understand that your dog is precious to you and we know that you only want the best for your beloved companion. That's why we like talking to you and telling you about all the great things artificial grass means for you and your dog. For example:

  • Artificial grass is easy to clean. It doesn't matter if you need to clear up the debris of a torn up toy or if you are on dreaded scoop patrol, artificial grass is easy to keep clean and tidy thanks to it being waterproof, free of slimy mud and invincible
  • It is easy to maintain. Artificial lawn is fake. It cannot die of drought, drowning or anything else which means you can leave it for weeks and it will still be green. As far as maintenance goes, you may have to clean it (as recommended) but there is no mowing, weeding or faffing. Just relax and watch your dog enjoy his lawn
  • It is safe for your dog. This is a big one. You love your dog and as such, it is only natural that you worry about all of the nasty little surprises nature holds for sensitive paws. Luckily, the threat of pricks from sharp thistles, injuries from slipping on wet mud and all sorts of other unpleasant scenarios is removed by artificial grass
  • It is a good investment whether your pooch is still a pup or fully grown. Artificial grass is incredibly durable with a long life span. This makes it a fantastic investment, whether you install it for a new puppy or an older dog, it will wear well and last years. Perfect for busy paws
  • There's an artificial grass for everything. Whether you want a realistic lawn for the family home, a springy patch of grass for your dog to run on or a tough surface to practice agility and training on, there's an artificial grass for you

These are just some of the reasons why having artificial lawn for dogs is a great idea; in fact it's a great idea whether you are on two legs or four. To find out more and see these pet-friendly lawns for yourself, contact us today or come and visit at Crufts - we will be stand 3-122. Whilst you're visiting, keep your eye out for these great pooch-perfect brands and their stands:

  • Beco Things: great eco-friendly dog toys, bowls, scoops and beds
  • Bottle Green Homes: pup and people friendly gifts
  • Miele: powerful vacuum cleaners designed to pick up pet hair

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