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Now if you thought that a lush green artificial lawn was solely a human pleasure then you’d be mistaken. It turns out that our canine companions are also very fond of the fake grass. Up and down the country pet owners are starting to turning over a new leaf (well lawn) in the pursuit of the perfect patch for both them and their pooches. 

Following the copious number of synthetic lawn based innovations that have occurred over the past 10 or so years, we have seen tremendous growth in the synthetic lawn market. Artificial grass nowadays is widely regarded as being:

Aesthetically pleasing – Artificial lawns now appear astoundingly realistic, with many unable to tell the difference between real and fake.

Safe – Today’s synthetic lawns are produced to a much more conscious standard, incorporating safer materials that are safe for both children and pets. The very fact that artificial lawns don’t require fertiliser, pesticides or any other concoction of chemicals to stay ‘tip top’ is a testament to just how safe synthetic lawns are.

AffordableArtificial Lawn Company (ALC) produce some of the highest quality lawns available in the UK. Their dedication to providing outstanding products is matched only by their competitive prices and first rate customer service.

Artificial Lawn a real ‘Doggy’ Treat

It’s a common misconception that dogs won’t enjoy artificial grass as much as the real thing, but does this statement hold any ground? Simple answer…no! Dogs don’t differentiate between fake and real grass. Dog owners especially might also worry about their pets not liking the feel, smell or look of artificial turf which really shouldn’t be a concern as dogs find artificial lawns just as enjoyable as a natural lawn. 

Capable of standing considerably more wear and tear than the conventional patch, artificial lawns make for perfect playgrounds for dogs. They are also allow for all year round usage, which means that your dog is free to roam, play and do his or her ‘business’  with far more ease.

But if all that wasn’t enough to convince you of the benefits of artificial lawns for you and your pets then we’re sure this will….

7 reasons why you’re an artificial lawn is the real deal for you and your dog(s)

1)      Mud? What Mud? – You can wave bon voyage to the trail of muddy footprints that once littered your kitchen floor, as artificial lawns don’t require soil to maintain their ‘green sheen.’

2)      Simply scooped poop – You’ll easily spot the brown elephant in the room (well lawn). Dog poo pick up very much the bane of natural grass owners is made remarkably easy with a synthetic lawn. Keeping your synthetic lawn clean is incredibly simple all you’ll likely to need is a rake, disinfectant, a little water and your trusty ‘pooper scooper.’

3)      Looks nothing like a ‘Dogs Dinner’ – Artificial lawns keep their lush looks all year round, regardless of whether they have been subjected to a doggy stampede or a children’s play day.

4)      Play time all year round – With an artificial lawn your dog can play all year round, so no more being stuck in the dog house.

5)      A’ hole’ lot of love – Unlike regular lawns a synthetic lawns can handle a lot of wear and tear, so no more doggy digs, trenches or holes!

6)      Green not yellow – Artificial grass guru’s ALC sell only the best synthetic turf, all their grasses are UV stabilised so they won’t fade.

7)      ‘Cheap as chips!’ – Comparatively speaking, synthetic grasses are much more economically viable than natural lawns. Requiring a lot less maintenance and additional care that comes ‘part and parcel’ with natural lawns. So not only does a synthetic lawn safe you money but time as well.

Information regarding artificial lawns for pets can be found here. ALC are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of synthetic grass, their extensive and competitively priced array of turfs ensure that everyone finds their perfect patch.

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