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With the amount of free time we have dwindling more and more nowadays, finding that window of opportunity to tend to your unloved lawn is nothing short of a miracle. But what if I told you that there was a way to keep those precious moments of peace as well as your lawn looking in tip top condition - you'd think I was lying right? Well you'll be pleased to know that I'm telling the truth.

The market for artificial grass has been growing at an exponential rate. Improvements in manufacturing techniques and better awareness of artificial lawn products, compounded by the changes in consumer lifestyles have brought about this artificial rise.

With artificial grass originally confined to the painted lines of the football field, you'd be excused for not wanting it strewn across the front  of your garden. Thankfully synthetic grass products have come a long way- appearing almost identical to their natural neighbor. But that is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, artificial lawns can literally save the day!

Mowing a lawn can easily take over 2 hours that's assuming that you have a fairly modest sized garden (and your lawnmower doesn't decide to conk out). If we factor in lawn care products and watering your plot then the minutes soon rack up. Well an artificial lawn does away with all of those time consuming chores, freeing up your time for more important things. It's this unique sell that makes an artificial lawn so desirable. And who said the grass isn't greener on the other side?

Artificial grass can also prove invaluable to the older cross section of society. It enables them to enjoy their gardens without the hassle of having to tend to it - especially if they suffer from a physical disability. Natural grass on the other hand can become overgrown or damaged if left untreated. In some cases, people will fork out for a gardener which can be very costly.

As you can see artificial grass can save you time as well as money (things we could all do with more of), but the positives don't end there, artificial grass:

  • Reduces your carbon footprint. As artificial grass doesn't need to be cut, you'll be saving on your carbon emissions emitted from petrol lawnmowers.
  • Doesn't require any lawn care products like fertiliser.
  • Due to its synthetic nature, artificial grass is (and forever will remain) pesticide free.
  • Has increased playability. Its rugged and robust dexterity means that it can withstand a considerable amount of high energy usage compared to natural grass.
  • Saves the day and water. Artificial grass doesn't require water which stands to bring your water bills down too!
  • Is aesthetically pleasing. Top quality lawn manufacturers produce artificial lawns that look like the real deal.

If we factor in all these incentives it's clear to see that artificial grass really does save the day. It trumps natural grass both economically and environmentally, it's also mile ahead in terms of its usability too.

"But where can I get my hands on this god-like grass?" I hear you yell.....Artificial Lawn Company (ALC) that's who. They stand at the forefront of high end artificial grass manufacture with over ten years' experience. Housing an extensive array of lawns and lawn-based products; ALC have a patch for every pocket they also provide a service (and surface) like no other, offering fully comprehensive installation to ensure your lawn is laid pitch perfect. For more information on all of ALC's products and services click here or call 01474 364320 to speak to one of their friendly members of staff.

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