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If you work in a school or you have school aged children then you will know how important it is to encourage them to play outdoors come spring and summer, when the nice weather arrives. As adults it is easy to slip into hibernation mode when the cold weather comes, cuddling up to hot cups of tea. For our pint-sized counterparts however, it is the worst of all punishments. To be locked inside all winter long, missing out on fresh air and all the fun things to do outdoors is unnatural for children. This is precisely why, at the first sign of spring, they are pleading to be out and about. As parents, teachers and guardians this is something you should be encouraging, in order to keep them as active and healthy as possible. Whether you suggest they race down to the bottom of the garden and back again or you try and get them to sign up to a sport, it really is vital to their health that they get lots of exercise and the best exercise comes in the form of fun!

You may be thinking that your gravelled back garden isn't exactly a child-friendly surface and that replacing it with high-maintenance grass isn't worth the hassle. Alternatively, you could be looking at the patchy school playing field grass, deliberating whether or not it can withstand another few terms of rough and tumble beatings. Either way, it may seem like the summery weather will be here far too soon for you to prepare but that's where you'd be wrong. There is a way to get your garden or outdoor space kid-friendly and summer-ready without causing yourself extra stress and unnecessary work; that way is artificial grass.

There are many reasons to consider artificial grass for schools as well as for family homes. Low maintenance, child and pet-friendly and a great investment in terms of practicality and durability, it is ideal for a busy family home that enjoys using its outside space in the milder weather. What about for schools though? Let's take a closer look at the benefits of using artificial grass in schools.

It's a Practical Surface

Quality artificial lawn will use sand or some other material to provide added grip whilst the even surface of the lawn itself make it ideal for use in sports. This means you can kit out your school football pitch, athletics field or cricket pitch with artificial grass and it will be perfect for playing on all year round. It will be a one-lawn-fits-all solution that will stand up to numerous PE lessons a week. Artificial lawn is ideal for sports such as:

  • Athletics
  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Rugby
  • Rounders
  • Frisbee
  • Bowls

It's a Safe Surface

The rough and tumble involved with school playtimes often ends up in tears; sometimes it's because the ball isn't being shared fairly and sometimes it's because someone has lost their footing playing Chase, fallen over and scraped their knee. Thankfully, artificial grass is a softer landing than tarmac and other playground materials. The buoyancy and texture of artificial grass means that whilst slips and trips may still end in tears, they are less likely to end in cuts and plasters

It's Durable

Artificial grass is available in different strengths and styles but all quality lines are manufactured with strength and durability in mind. This means that not only will playtime end with mud-free shoes; it will also be free from summer dust storms caused by sandy, dusty dry patches where heavy playtime traffic has destroyed the lawn. The durability and synthetic (rather than highly-perishable organic material) also ensures that you will not have grassy bald patches from wear and tear

It's Low Maintenance

One of the best bits about artificial grass is that it is incredibly low maintenance. Instead of having to mow and re-lay giant sports' fields, obstacle-ridden playing fields and fiddly decorative grass patches you can simply give them a wipe over periodically. That way you can spend your time and maintenance budget on the rest of the school and any indoor areas that need attention

It Looks Smart  

Artificial grass is such a popular option because on top of its benefits, it looks smart. Neat, tidy and always a lush green lawn, it adds somewhat of a finishing touch to the school's exterior which can create a better overall impression; especially in the summer when a lot of schools will look tatty and unkempt because of dead, dried up patchy grass

With so many benefits, it's no wonder there is such an increase in the popularity of artificial grass for schools. Not only does it look great and make life easy (and clean!) for the grown-ups involved, it also means kids can feel free to have outdoor fun all spring and summer long! That alone makes artificial lawn a worthwhile investment - just think of the smiles it would bring to all those faces!

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