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Over recent years, America's greatest sport has slowly been gaining traction right here in the UK. Despite a failed attempt at a European NFL league in the 90s, the constant popularity of the NFL International Series and the succession of London games have ensured a slow but steady growth.

On top of the sport's growing popularity on these shores, American football is now safer than ever with the development of increasingly efficient purpose-made artificial sports turf.

Compared to many other sports and sporting organisations, the NFL has had a long love affair with artificial turf. For years, players from some of the most elite teams in the league have seen dramatic plays, wins and losses on artificial football fields; a trend which only looks set to continue in the future.

Why Choose Artificial Sports Turf?

As one of the first sporting leagues to really embrace the concept of synthetic turf, American football has seen and experienced the many benefits first hand. But, of course, it takes some time to get used to playing on an artificial surface if you are used to real grass and vice versa - a trend which many teams used to their advantage in the early days. Similarly, many American players have said this is one of the biggest differences they must get used to when coming over to London to play games in the International Series. The hallowed Wembley turf may well be world famous, but can it live up to artificial sports turf?

When it comes to upkeep and maintenance, real grass can be costly, time-intensive, and require high levels of water consumption. Any neglect, especially during the season when the field will be in regular use, can quickly lead to a damaged, patchy, and uneven football field - the exact opposite of what teams will want.

Safety, Convenience and Maintenance

In addition, real grass can become slippery when wet or muddy - a definite no-no for players wanting to avoid injury. Of course, American football is a high-contact sport and injuries are commonplace in spite of the protective gear. For that reason, artificial grass can make for a much safer environment, especially with the inclusion of special cushioned under layers added like those present in our premium artificial sports turf.

As American football and the NFL continue to grow in popularity here in the UK, it's clear that synthetic grass football fields are here to stay.

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