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If you want your home to be different from your neighbours and you want it to help your house to stand out from the crowd then installing artificial grass might be your answer. In this article we cover ways in which you can use fake grass lawns to jazz up your home and make the neighbours jealous!

With back gardens becoming smaller as builders try to cram as many homes into small areas of land, you will find that roof-top gardens are becoming ever more popular. When you have friends round for dinner parties you can pop up to the roof garden with a glass of wine and watch the city below, you'll find that synthetic grass lawn is so easy to maintain that you'll have loads of time to sit and relax in your roof top garden.

A new trend is cushions and rugs being made of synthetic grass - these are a huge talking point when neighbours pop by and they look bright and sunny too, plus you can make them yourselves.

Because your new lawn requires minimum maintenance and work done on it you have the time to make the rest of your garden more exciting, with new plants, new flowers, gorgeous garden ornaments and all sorts of other wonderful treats that will make your garden sparkle.

Now your garden looks amazing it's time to make the inside of the house look great too - this could be done by covering one whole wall with synthetic grass and using it as a feature wall. It will definitely give the neighbours something to talk about.

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