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A bird strike is the name of the incident when an airborne animal collides with a plane such as hitting the windscreen or getting sucked into the engines. Bird Strikes often happen when a plane takes off or lands and the airborne animal can cause a lot of damage to a plane.

However, further to research by experts, it has been proven that fake lawns can actually discourage the airborne animals from the immediate area and therefore results in dramatically reducing the problem.

Airport research about fake grass lawns was completed in America where it has been estimated that around £1.2 billion dollars is spent fixing commercial aircraft worldwide from bird strikes each year.

The attractions of airports for birds are the fact that it is a ‘safe' habitat with food and drink, where normal grass birds will find earth worms and natural nutrients that they can eat. But with fake grass lawns there is an absence of this food and nutrients so that will discourage the birds from the artificial grass lawns around the airport.

Birds are attracted to an airport environment because food, water and habitat are present. The majority of bird strikes occur within immediate airport surroundings. Therefore, the most logical place to begin correcting the problem is on and near the airport. Airport management has a legal responsibility to maintain a safe operating environment and this includes taking precautions to avoid bird strikes.

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