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If you have an artificial turf in place of your lawn but are still looking at attracting birds to your garden, then the solution is not as far away as you’d imagine. It is easier than you think, to keep those birds tweeting and happily nesting in your garden; all you need is an adequate food supply, shelter and protection from predators.

While the idea of birds digging up your lawn in search of worms and insects isn’t far off how they live in the wild, when you have artificial turf in your garden, there are a number of extra measures you can take to attract birds and wildlife to your vicinity. Consider the space you have, the ways in which you can attract them, and then offer them nesting shelter when they inevitably turn up.

If You Have Space

When looking to attract birds to your garden, it is important to consider the way that birds live. They nest in trees and hedgerows, so if you have space for these, then you’re at an advantage. Planting native trees in your garden, such as Birch, Ash or even Crab Apple trees, is great for birds that want to take shelter or feed. 

For those with less space, consider wall and fence creepers, to provide sufficient shelter from predators, and plenty of insects for birds to feed on.

The Bird Call

If you've got ample room for birds in your garden, then it’s time to let them know. A bird bath is great, not only for local birds but also for travelling birds, too. Often, they can fly for miles without finding water, so allowing them space to clean their feathers and drink from is important. Add different levels of varied water depth, along with some pebbles to stand on, and remember to keep it clean and free of bacteria. You will soon have returning birdies in your garden!

Feeding Frenzy

As your artificial turf won’t have worms for the birds to feed on, filling your garden full of plants and flowers to attract insects is an excellent alternative. It is also worth investing in a feeding table, particularly during the colder months. Experiment with different food combinations to attract different birds!

Nesting Safely

Placing nesting boxes around the area is another excellent way of attracting birds to your garden. If you have followed the rest of our advice and tips, then you should already be experiencing an influx of feathered friends already. Place nest boxes in secluded spots, out of direct light and wind, and somewhere out of the reach of cats and other predators.

Remember to clean out your box at least once a year. The Law requires that you do so between the months of October and January, only.

For more information on attracting birds to your garden, please visit the RSPB website. 

As you can see, attracting birds and wildlife to your garden is easily achievable, even with an artificial turf. If you’re looking to make a change in your garden, please contact our team today and discuss the right turf options for you.

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