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Artificial Lawn Co are calling all adults and children alike, is there anybody out there that wouldn’t like to be enrolled into the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? No, we thought not.
While we can’t quite guarantee entry into the magical castle, we can offer the best alternative on the market. How about creating a bedroom that imitates a scene from the modern classic, to be enjoyed every night? If this is something you think would perfectly suit someone in your house, read on.
The Forbidden Forest

For anyone with a mild fear of spiders, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets certainly offered a surprise, as Ron Weasley noticed. The forest, also referred to as the Dark Forest, held all kinds of secrets and creatures that terrified the students, but Harry and his companions had to brave it on a few occasions.
Transform a bedroom into something special and dramatic by incorporating the branches and aging trunks of the forbidden forest into the décor. Consider using the corners as somewhere to stencil winding branches and twigs, or use a light that has a spooky filter on it so when it is switched on the room comes to life with all kinds of creatures. Finally, create the ground of the forest with artificial grass and maybe some fake bugs littered around. Visit our website for the UK's finest artificial lawns and installation today!
Quidditch Pitch

Harry Potter just wouldn’t be the same without the rough and tumble Quidditch game, particularly the chasing of the golden snitch. While there is no guarantee of a flying broomstick, or a cheering Hogwarts crowd, you can certainly recreate the pitch and its accessories.
Depending on the dimensions and size of the bedroom, these ideas will need some adapting, but you’ll get the general idea. Use a blank wall to create the Quidditch goals; these can be stencilled on easily with some coloured paints found at DIY stores. Consider seeking out some old tatty-looking leather balls, or a broomstick to accessorise the room with. Perhaps you could even use some of the colours of the Hogwarts houses, such as red and gold for Gryffindor or green and silver for Slytherin.
Finally, finish off the room with artificial grass from ALC to create the pitch that Harry and his team fly over (and hope not to fall on). You can use this as a specific section or in place of a carpet.
Hogwarts Express Railway

The Hogwarts Express is where everyone’s very first journey into Hogwarts begins and the adventures begin to take their shape. Some public libraries have made the use of train-carriage-style book holders, which appeal to children in particular. You can use this theme in a bedroom by making the bed the centrepiece (The Hogwarts Express) and having the walls decked out with scenery that may be seen from the carriages. For example, Hogwarts in the distance, the huge bridge or you could even get some chocolate frog transfers to apply to the windows, to really capture the true Express experience.
Kids love the idea that they can have a tangible experience with some of their favourite books and films, so taking the Harry Potter tales right into their room will make for big smiles all round.

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