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Whether you already have a fake lawn or you’re thinking of having one installed, you may still be wondering about a few myths that have been floating around since this surface has grown in popularity. Rest assured though, in our debunked special, we will look to answer a couple of these claims. So, let’s get started!
“It’s not a healthy alternative for my little ones or pets.”
When considering a big home renovation, like installing a fake lawn, we will, of course, think about whether or not it is healthy and safe for our little ones and pets. This is very much the case for artificial grass, but let us tell you, it is a great solution for both kids and four-legged friends alike. Not only does this surface eliminate the need for harmful pesticides and fertilisers, meaning no one will be breathing in chemicals every time they play on the grass, but it also helps with grass pollen-induced hay fever when the season rolls around.
Plus, it is incredibly durable and resistant to the rough and tumble of tots, which means there will be no dry mud patches where the grass has worn away to cause injury.
“Plastic grass gets too hot.”
It is true that fake grass gets warmer than organic lawns because of a decrease in moisture, but it is unlikely to reach an unbearable temperature. With certain styles, they are manufactured using fibres that are designed to reflect sunny skies, therefore keeping the blades at a suitable temperature.  
“Artificial grass requires too much maintenance.”
This myth, like the others, we can safely debunk, as although this surface does require some upkeep from time to time, in comparison to organic lawns, the benefits are unparalleled. ALC would assume homeowners would take a light, regular brush over mowing any day, which is partly why fake grass is so popular today.
So, with these myths debunked and the benefits you’ve learnt from this article in mind, why not peek at our styles and see which best suits your lifestyle.

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