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It has been reported that the grass at the Crufts is in fact fake grass. It seems the people at Crufts are faking it and allowing the dogs to strut their stuff on the gorgeously green, superbly springy, soft and delightful fake grass lawns.

If the experts at Crufts think it is good enough for some of the best dogs in the country then why not consider installing artificial lawns for your perfect pooch, at home?

Dogs love the feeling of fake grass lawns as they are soft and springy all year round, not squidgy and muddy in the cold and wet winter months and hard and rough in hot summer months. You can also keep your perfect pooch safe from harmful chemicals found in weed killers and fertilisers as these are not needed on fake lawns.

Your delightful doggie will also not get muddy paws through your gorgeous house as there will be no muddy puddles to worry about in your beautiful fake grass lawn.

You will also have a stunning garden as it will not be worn down by dogs rolling around the lawn or scraping up the lawn after depositing. There will be no yellow or brown stains on your lawn and as so much less maintenance is needed for your lawn than a normal grass lawn you will have so much more time to pamper, groom, walk and play with your very best friend.

Make your dog a winner with a fake grass lawn.

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