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Here at Artificial Lawn Company we know how much of a struggle your day to day can be, picture the scene. Its 6am on a dark, cold, wet Monday morning in the middle of January. After snoozing your five alarms, you've managed to drag yourself out of bed. The kids are crying out for food and water as the cat continually meows for attention and an early morning stroke.

The dog is by the door, looking at you as if he's about to combust internally if you don't let him out to do his business. As you stand at the kitchen counter sipping your coffee, you look out to see the dog not only eating the grass, but rolling around in the muddy bald patch that he and the winter months have both helped to destroy. Cue you letting a filthy dog into your house, only for him to vomit on the floor; what a great start to the week.

It's common behaviour for a dog to eat grass. We've all seen it happen, but why? Well, here's the answer - we don't actually know. There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to why canines eat grass. Some reports have said that it's a dog's pastime and they do it out of boredom. Others have reported it's an evolutionary process, in which the dog seeks out nutrition from the grass. Others have simply suggested that dogs like the texture and flavour, and it's the equivalent to humans eating treats. All we know is that cleaning up dog sick at 6am on a Monday morning is not one of life's little perks.

So how can you possibly stop this unruly behaviour without affecting your dog's already expensive diet, but at the same time preserving your gardens natural look? This we do have an answer for: Artificial grass for dogs.

By installing a fake lawn, you will not only save yourself from picking up dog sick every time you let him out, but you will also be giving your dog a safer, more versatile environment to call his own. Listed below are some quick fire reasons why you should choose synthetic grass over the organic stuff.


Built to withstand the most intense winters and the hottest summers, artificial grass defies conditions that normal grass cannot, allowing it to meet a variety of demands. This includes heavy traffic, boisterous dogs and severe weather. Visit our website now to view the UK's most durable range of synthetic lawns!


Unlike real grass, our grass is easy to clean and doesn't lose form. Simply wash away any mud or debris with a hose. Disinfectant is also fine to use and will not affect the colour or design.

Attractive Appearance:

Realistic, lush, thick and beautiful, artificial grass really is better than the real thing. Have you ever been abroad to a searing hot country and thought ‘how do they maintain that lush grass in the middle of nowhere, in this heat, with no water?' Well, you've been duped, because that's an artificial lawn.

Kind to Dogs:

Dogs simply take to artificial grass like fish to water. Perfect for them to play on and do their business, its kind to their paws and soft underfoot. Used by breeders, artificial grass for dogs is used to train canines on agility and kennel runs. It is also used at the main ring at Crufts and Discover Dogs Exhibition.

Increasingly popular with domestic and commercial spheres, our ‘Summer' and ‘Dura' Lawns are widely agreed to be the best choice for dogs. Both partially filled with sand, the weight of the sand keeps the grass sitting upright, thus giving the blades a more upstanding look. The weight of the sand also keeps the grass fixed in place, therefore preventing even the naughtiest of dogs from digging up the lawn.

Clearly the proof is in the pudding, as dog owners are choosing synthetic grass over organic, and for good reason. So feel free to explore our website, browse through our extensive range of fake lawns and find exactly what you are looking for. With more than a decade of experience in supplying and installing artificial lawns, can give you the best advice and guidance.


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