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Not a day goes by when a new blogger, reporter, journalist or celebrity isn't raving about how amazing fake grass lawns are. Big Brother have used fake lawns for the last seven series of their programs, Heathrow Airport used artificial grass lawns when the athletes left the country after the Olympics and even Crufts were in on the act using fake lawns for their competitions.

But why are fake grass lawns so popular?

One gardening blogger said that he loved artificial lawns as they replaced the hard work and drudgery of keeping withered lawns looking perfect. While a journalist felt that fake grass lawns were so popular due to a number of reasons including the facts that they are not affected by continuous hosepipe bans and they offer so much less hassle than a ‘real' grass lawn and look lots better.

Another green fingered writer said that he felt he invested so much time and money in pointless things such as mowing the lawn - he mows the lawn, the grass grows back, he mows it again, the grass grows back and this circle of hard work continues until the lawnmower packs in and a new one has to be purchased, then the circle of hard work starts again. This is why fake grass for lawns is such a good purchase and takes away the pointless task that achieves nothing.

We have to remember that artificial lawns are also water saving and eco-friendly too. Numerous gallons of water are no longer needed to feed the grass and chemicals that can be harmful to the environment are not required either.

Lots of people say lots of wonderful about fake grass lawns, but they all agree on one thing. Fake grass lawns offer a scrumptious green lawn, all through the year!

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