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As more and more people realise the benefits of having fake grass for lawns, the fake grass industry is continuing to be on the rise especially at this time of the year when then rain keeps falling so the grass keeps growing, but because the grass is wet you're unable to mow it!

It is well known that many elderly people take pride in their gardens and with gardens looking scruffier because the rain is not allowing people to mow their lawns, elderly people are more inclined to choose fake grass lawns for their gardens.

As people become older and retire from their jobs they spend more time at home and this means they can spend more time pottering around the garden, but sadly chores like mowing a well grown lawn becomes a very hard task and this is why synthetic lawns become very popular. Sadly older people, with all due respect, are not as mobile and able as they used to be but don't want to rely on others to help them out in the garden and this is why fake grass is so useful.

When you have fake grass installed you loose the jobs involved in watering it in hot weather, draining it in very wet weathers, cutting it, maintaining it and such like. All you need to do with synthetic lawns is give them a quick hose over to keep them clean, you can also use a leaf blower to fluff the lawn up too - but that's up to you.

Another advantage of fake lawns is that you can go out on the grass in all weathers and the risk of slipping in muddy puddles or on muddy areas has been removed.

Having fake grass lawns for the elderly means the beautiful green grass garden can be admired throughout the year and the grass can be walked on month in, month out.

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