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Summer is coming and that means there are a few unbearably hot days ahead for us Brits. It also means that many of us will end up with a crispy brown topping on our beloved lawns. As much as we associate lush green lawns with lazy summer days, grass doesn't actually fare too well when we get into long periods of double figure temperatures. Despite the deluge the UK has experienced over the last few months, summer is edging closer and days get hotter so hosepipe bans will no doubt come into effect soon, followed swiftly by sorry-looking brown lawns and dustbowl gardens. There is a way you and your garden can fend off the scars of summer though. If you want to keep your garden looking green and tidy, even in the height of the summer heat, then artificial grass can help. Here are a few of the ways an artificial lawn could help you out this summer:

Handle the Hosepipe Ban Like a Pro

So, when they eventually impose a hosepipe ban how will you manage? Easily. Artificial grass is low maintenance and because it doesn't need to be watered, there is no need for a hosepipe which is great because you can't miss what you don't use. Not only do synthetic lawns eliminate the need to water, they don't turn drown and crispy when we have an extended dry spell which means even if there's a little bit of a drought, you can still enjoy a lush green lawn.

Sunny Days Are No Sweat

As nice as it is to find an excuse for spending hours on end in the sun, the novelty wears off when doing so means you have to slave away mowing the lawn. Luckily for you, artificial grass doesn't actually grow so it doesn't need mowing or trimming. That means you can save time and effort, spending you afternoons enjoying your sunny garden instead of sweating it out and getting it ready for everybody else to enjoy!

Bake Away

An artificial lawn's health and appearance isn't dependent on the weather as natural grass is. So even when the sun is baking and baring down on it all day long, you won't end up with sorry-looking yellow patches or a dried up dustbowl beneath the dead and damaged grass.

Perfect for Al Fresco Parties

One of the best things about summer is how social people can be; long days spent exploring the outdoors together or quiet evenings on the patio with ice cold drinks and fabulous company. Having lots of social gatherings on dry and brittle summer grass can leave you with a worn, patchy lawn if you have natural grass. However, with artificial grass you can have the kids playing in the garden all day, every day and adults partying in it all night long without any serious wear on the lawn itself.

Hassle-free Holidays

Going on holiday often requires some sort of prep to ensure the house is locked up tight, someone is picking up your mail and your pets are taken care of whilst you're away. On top of these preparations, many of you will have to arrange for someone to water and mow your lawn when you're away; this extra hassle isn't necessary though. With artificial grass you can jet off without worrying about the garden. Whether you're going on a last minute weekend break or a three week stint around Europe, you won't come home to a crispy brown lawn or an out of control jungle.

These are just a few of the ways in which artificial grass can help make your summer easier and keep your grass greener - whatever the weather. So if you want a lawn that can stand up to the pressures of April showers and August heat waves without so much as a flinch, call the Artificial Lawn Company today and we will be happy to help you find the ideal artificial lawn!     

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