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With World Cup fever very much upon us, people are showing their support by recreating their own pitches in their back gardens. Choosing to abandon natural grassroots, a growing number of households are favouring more artificial pastures. Take Nottingham Forest striker Marcus Tudgay for example, he chose to revamp his garden because his pooch was making a right ‘dog's dinner' of his natural grass. "It's the best thing I ever bought," he said, speaking to the Telegraph. "It looks perfect and fits with the rest of the garden." This U-turn seemingly spells an end to synthetic prejudice.

With the stigma and misinformation surrounding artificial grass sharply cut, we are now witnessing a steady rise in artificial lawns. Factoring in The World Cup, this steady rise can only increase! 

Creating a Pitch Perfect Patch

 The Artificial Lawn Company (ALC) is one of the UK's leading suppliers of synthetic lawns and accessories; our extensive array of surfaces and services make it an ideal place to start.

A few things to consider prior to picking your pitch would be:

  • The size of your garden - The price of installing an artificial lawn will rise considerably if you have a larger garden or the desired area is technically challenging.
  • The type of grass - Having a clear idea of the type of lawn you want to lay is crucial, whether it's for sport, exhibitions or commercial purposes make sure you've done ample research.
  • To install or self-install? - If you feel confident enough to lay the turf yourself then stand save a fair wodge of cash. That being said, getting your lawn installed by professionals like ALC for example will ensure you get that perfect finish.

As artificial grass is incredibly robust it can withstand a lot more wear and tear compared to its natural counterpart. This durable aspect makes it ideal for playing football or any other high impact sports. Other benefits of synthetic grass include:

  • Low maintenance - Artificial Grass requires minimal attention for it to stay looking and functioning at its best
  • Better for the environment - The fact that artificial grass doesn't need harmful chemicals make it a winner in environmental stakes. Households stand to lower their carbon emissions as an artificial is a petrol mower free zone.
  • Durability with visual appeal - A high number of artificial grass types are tailor-made to withstand a considerable level of wear and tear all the while retaining its lush's looks.
  • All year round green - 365 days (without fail or fade) artificial grass will stay looking green even in the harshest of weather conditions.

In terms of playability, artificial grass is leagues ahead of natural grass because:

  • Artificial grass can be played on at all times
  • Artificial turf retains its colour and durability whatever the weather
  • Artificial turf saves water

With the jury well and truly in on artificial grass; it's about time you laced up your boots, place down the cones and go for footballing glory artificial style!

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