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When it comes to creating a safe, clean and practical space for your children to enjoy, you will likely go out of your way to use the best materials and the most imaginative designs. This is because you need peace of mind as a parent and they need their own practical and play friendly patch, where they can have fun and let their imaginations roam. To get the best of both worlds you need to invest in top quality toys and materials, paying special attention to what your munchkin(s) wants along the way. 

Whether you are trying to transform a corner of the garden into a kiddie's paradise or you are looking to create the perfect indoor play space, the same rules of quality and creativity apply. 

Finding the right surface to suit your chosen theme as well as your practical needs is half the battle. Luckily, quality artificial grass like that supplied by the Artificial Lawn Company is a superb option for all sorts of themes and purposes. Durable, long-lasting, soft on little hands and knees and an attractive addition to any garden or playroom, artificial grass is a fantastic place to start when designing an indoor or outdoor play area.

What about the play area itself though?

Having a good surface and a bunch of toys is just part of the play area puzzle. For your child to really be able to make the most of their play area, you need to give them their own defined space within it. Now, whether this is a temporary tent fort or a DIY Wendy house depends on our chosen theme and you child's personal preferences. 

To get you started though, here is a quick look at some of the ways you can kit out your child's indoor or outdoor play area.

Terrific Tee Pee

Tee pees are great fun for kids of all ages, used either indoors or out. They are a fantastic alternative to traditional Wendy houses and far easier to manage, even as a DIY project. Not only do they offer a fun hideaway for little ones to play in, but they provide protection from the sun and depending on what material they are made from, they can make a good shelter from light rainfall too. Easy to assemble, easy to store and the perfect temporary shelter for a play area, the tee pee is the perfect ‘play house' and when combined with a patch of artificial grass will give your child their very own space.

Perfect Indoor Playground

Children are supposed to play outdoors in the fresh air; they enjoy it and it is good for them, but the British weather doesn't always play along and as such, having an indoor space where they can play all year round is priceless. Setting up a room like an indoor playground, complete with artificial grass and playground equipment, means you get the best of both worlds. With a little creativity and relatively gentle kids, an indoor playground could work just about anywhere. Dry, warm and practical, an indoor playground is the perfect place for kids to run around and have fun.

Fun Enchanted Forest

Forests are exciting places, ready to explored and enjoyed. Enchanted forests are especially magical because they capture young imaginations and create a whole other world for children to escape to. Practical and realistic looking, artificial grass makes a great base for extra props like toadstool seats, swings and all sorts of wonderful, whimsical decorations like fairy lights and cuddly woodland animal toys. For a wonderful, mystical playroom all you need is some artificial grass, a few tins of paint and a great imagination. Make sure you recruit your little one to help design their own magical, enchanted forest.

Of course, these are just a few of the ways you can set up and theme an indoor or outdoor play area. Depending on your child's personal preferences and your budget and space constraints, the possibilities really are endless. One thing is for sure though; when you set up a play area with quality and durable artificial grass, you give yourself (and your child) plenty of freedom to imagine, create and enjoy. So call today and learn more about how artificial grass makes the ideal surface for a play area and then get your little one on board to start planning! 

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