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Spring is here and summer is coming which means you need to start preparing for life outdoors. That doesn't necessarily mean you have to pack up the camping gear and fend for yourself in the middle of a forest though. It might mean a day trip or two to the coast or a weekend in shorts and wellies at a festival but you can enjoy the sun even closer to home. Al fresco dining, barbecues with friends or the classic picnic in the park are all excellent options if you want to enjoy the sun without making a mission out of it. Of course, there is one slight downside to the Great British spring and summer and that is the Great British weather. Sunny as it may be at times, the likelihood is you will run into a shower or two so you will need to be prepared and have contingency plans for when the weather (inevitably) turns. There are the old fail-safes like staying indoors and playing board games or watching a movie whilst consuming ridiculous amounts of ice cream, grabbing an umbrella and braving some form of attraction or having a nice meal with friends and family. However, none of these options have the same summery feel as a day outside does. There is something hypnotising about being surrounded by green grass, blue skies and the freedom of whiling away a lazy afternoon in the sun. So is there a way to keep hold of this outdoor freedom, whatever the weather?

Well, one way is to invest in artificial grass for a designated indoor space. You see, fake lawns aren't the itchy menace they once were and when fitted in a conservatory or summerhouse they are a great way to bring the outdoors in and beat the weather. Conservatories, sunrooms and summerhouses are great options for your designated outdoors-in space because they afford lots of natural light, even when it's a little bit wet and grey outside. Installing artificial grass as you would ordinary carpet gives you a natural-looking and comfortable surface you can utilise all year round, perfect for when you need somewhere to enjoy a rainy day picnic.

A rainy day picnic is much the same as a traditional picnic, requiring a trust picnic blanket, all sorts of good food and some good company (unless you prefer a little "me time"). Rainy day picnics come with the added bonuses of shelter from the rain, wind and chilly temperatures, a convenient indoor bathroom to use throughout the day and the option of a (free!) hot drink if you need one - courtesy of your handy kitchen kettle in the next room. So let's take a quick look at what basics you will need for your perfect rainy day picnic:

The Rainy Day Picnic Checklist

A designated outdoors-in space (conservatory, sunroom, summerhouse)

Artificial grass (good quality and professionally installed)

A picnic blanket

A picnic basket


Plastic cutlery and tableware (bright colours and patterns will help lift spirits)

Tasty food like sandwiches, salads and southern fried chicken (take advantage of your picnic spot's proximity to the kitchen and enjoy some hot picnic food - it won't get cold on the journey!)

Entertainment (musicians keep your guitar on you, artists have a sketchpad and pens to hand and parents be prepared with a bag of toys, games and colouring books)

Fairy lights (Christmas lights) strung up for when it starts getting dark - your own starry sky!

A camera (just because you're not going somewhere doesn't mean you won't make memories you'll want mementos of).

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