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The trend of artificial grass has soared worldwide as America has considered taking this new fashion on board with their American football pitches. While no definite plans have been made in regards to when this will happen, big teams seem to be growing fonder of the benefits that artificial sports surfaces withhold.

Mr Oliveira of Soccer Grass has been quoted claiming that artificial turf has reclaimed its popularity because the standard of fake grass has significantly improved over the past years. Furthermore, Mr Oliveira told the BBC, "The product today is a world apart from the past. The plastic fibres are longer and softer and the underlay is made of rubber granules meaning that it is as soft to play on as a natural grass surface." In addition, he mentioned that the ball has been proven to move and bounce in the exact same way as it would on a natural sports surface.

Unlike past regulations, players are now able to wear studded boots as they will not damage the artificial surface in the same way they would natural grass. This means that the players are gifted a higher level of stability, support and traction that all allow a player to perform well during a game.

Moreover, artificial sports surfaces allow for pitches to look pristine all year round. Mr Oliveira commented, "I think it is a possibility because the clubs want their pitches to look as green and perfect as possible." It was also mentioned that all the players appeared satisfied with the quality of their artificial sports surfaces the team uses for training and are all on-board for the big change.

Artificial grass is ideal for sports surfaces as it offers a suitable level of durability meaning that it can cater for almost any sport.

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