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Very few inventions can boast that they make things easier and safer, both in the domestic and commercial realms. Here at Artificial Lawn Company we say that synthetic grass is one of those rare inventions though that provides people - and even pets - with both increased safety and an easier life.    

Aside from the sports industry, homeowners have been especially quick to capitalise on the benefits of artificial grass, and now companies and organisations are following their lead. In fact, some of the chief beneficiaries of artificial grass are large scale commercial airports.

A bird strike is a collision between an air plane and the wildfowl that populate the airport runway. These strikes can be dangerous for the planes because the birds have a tendency to fly into their windscreens or their engines, putting all onboard at risk.  A bird strike will usually happen during takeoff or landing, and despite airport officials taking every necessary step to prevent such strikes, they are still too common an occurrence. There are already various precautionary measures in place, but surprisingly, artificial grass could be a potential solution to the problem.

Thankfully, there have been few serious casualties as a result of bird strikes, but there has been plenty of severe damage caused to aircraft following a collision. As such, the financial and safety implications of bird strikes mean more must be done to prevent them. It has been noted that artificial grass can result in a minimised risk of

It has been noted that artificial grass from ALC can result in a minimised risk of bird strike because it discourages the birds from inhabiting the runways, largely because there is no food waiting for them in lush, green grass and mud. 

First Things First:

Birds always get attracted to areas where they can find a sufficient amount of food, water and safety. The areas on and surrounding airport runways tend to offer all these things, which means the birds congregate and become a hazard. By replacing the original turf with artificial grass, you change the suitability of the area as a habitat for birds, by taking away what offers them a steady source of food. 

Why replace the grass at all though? Well, it is the legal responsibility of airport management to minimise the risk of accidents or damages to the aircraft, and also keep the environment safe and in good working order for staff and passengers. As such, they need to take the measures necessary to avoid bird strikes.

How Can Artificial Grass Prevent Bird Strikes?

The ground that surrounds the airport or the runway is usually covered in natural grass, which is welcoming to all sorts of creatures, including birds and their primary food source. Real grass is home to all manner of insects and earthworms which live in the soil and offer birds a feast.

However, artificial grass does not contain any of the nutrients or organic matter needed for wildlife to flourish in such a way. As such, the absence of insects and worms will eventually discourage birds, forcing them to seek out other locations where they have a food supply. If the birds aren't living beside the runway, they run less risk of causing a potentially fatal accident with a bird strike. So, by doing something as simple as replacing real grass for an artificial alternative, airports can make all the difference to runway safety. 

This scenario is just one in which artificial grass is leading the way, in this case by making the world of commercial flying safer. Other industries though, such as sport, are also benefiting from artificial grass which can be seen everywhere from famous sports grounds to commercial buildings and public locations, such as hotels and municipal buildings.

There is still plenty more to come though, with artificial grass technology ever-evolving and new uses for it being discovered constantly. It is in demand, both for homes and businesses, and its popularity shows no signs of waning. So join the artificial grass revolution; browse here our selection of artificial lawns and get in touch today.

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