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Every so often an amazing product comes along that is truly a one of a kind innovation that not only revolutionises the industry it was made for but also impacts subsequent other disciplines as well. Smartphones and Tablets are one example. Facebook and Twitter are another. But these are all tech innovations. Today we will talk about a non-technological innovation that have had a profound positive impact on many disciplines; so much that they are now using them to assist them in their day to day operations.

Artificial grass also known as fake grass by many has transformed industries, corporations and even consumers. Once a new and untested concept, it garnered worldwide acclaim for the plethora of benefits it brings to the end consumer. Just ask homeowners and even businesses who are eagerly seeking it out as part of their home or office design.

As we mentioned earlier, the impact of artificial grass is not just limited to residential landscapes. Commercial establishments have graciously embraced this option and have smartly applied it within their respective industries and niches. This will be the topic of today's post as we outline some practical and popular applications of artificial grass.

Corporate Premises and Universities

We'll start off with commercial establishments first. Maintaining natural grass with sunlight, water, maintenance and irrigation is a tedious task, made even more complex depending on the size of the landscape. Corporate Premises and universities are usually many acres long. These are some institutions who eagerly seek out artificial grass for their landscape. They get to keep lush green looking grass all year long with little to no maintenance and best of all it looks great and makes the location look more professional and sophisticated.

Tennis Courts, Parks and Football Pitches

Tennis is one of the dozens of sports that utilises artificial grass extensively. Have you ever wondered why those tennis courts remained so green and exquisite all year long? It's because they use patches of artificial grass carefully installed all over the park. No need to water. No need to mow and they even come in different shades of green so as to make an elegant contrast with the existing layout. It creates an overall unique and appealing look.

Football is one of the most watched sports in England. It is ranked as one of the most popular sports in the region if not the most popular. Football fields are huge. The cost of watering, fertilising and cutting such a huge landscape can pile up over time and as such, many sports clubs and organisations have capitalised on the low maintenance flexibility of fake grass and installed them all over the field. They are softer, more comfortable and prevent injuries. Furthermore, they look good on the field and enhance the overall appeal of the football ground thereby making the stadium look more enjoyable to sit in and spectate.

Home Builders and Homeowners

Home builders have one goal in mind; to create a house that is so enticing to prospective buyers, they would want to get their hands on it, as soon as humanly possible. One way they go about doing that is by installing fake grass for lawns in the backyard and in some cases front porch. In today's busy world, people are looking for comfort and convenience just as much as they are looking for a bargain home. An artificial lawn, eliminates the need to water and mow the lawn saving them time and energy. It influences their decision to opt for a home that has this feature. Home builders also save money this way because artificial grass eliminates the need to install a water sprinkler system.

In a nutshell, various disciplines and industries are making use of artificial grass technology in an effort to better promote themselves, their work, and making money in the process. People who are environmentally conscious would be pleased to hear that artificial grass is eco-friendly and not harmful to the environment, making it a no brainer for any real estate that wishes to use it. They don't require a substantial amount of investment up from and there are different types of grass to choose from. You can't go wrong with this investment.

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