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Spring has sprung and Easter isn't all that far away. This can only mean one thing, that there will soon be lots of excitable children planning how they are going to have chocolate eggs for breakfast every morning for a week and waiting for the Easter Bunny to visit. Hunting for and munching on a chocolate egg at Easter is one of most people's favourite childhood memories and it is one of the most popular Easter traditions.

Easter eggs come in all shapes and sizes, some chocolate and others not. There are the classic chocolate eggs, unwrapped and devoured with pleasure. There are dyed and painted eggs used for decoration and egg hunts or there are DIY craft eggs, where people decorate their own hardboiled egg (cue lots of paint, glue and yarn), there's even the not-egg egg made from all sorts of crafty materials or made of cookies baked in an egg shape. On top of the ever-favourite egg and other foodie traditions like Hot Cross Buns and a lamb roast dinner, there's the traditional giving of an Easter basket, the visit from the Easter Bunny and everyone's all-time favourite, the Easter egg hunt.

The egg hunt is what children of all ages (grownups included) think of when they think about Easter traditions. The excitement of knowing the Easter Bunny has been, the anticipation of finding an egg nestled in a tree or at the far corner of the field and the thrill of actually finding an egg - it's what children live for. That's why it is so important that as many children as possible get to experience the joy of moseying around patches of green grass in search of tasty Easter treats. Unfortunately, hunting around sprawling countryside and hiding Easter eggs in wide open fields is not an option for urban centres which are usually limited on both space and green areas. This is where artificial grass comes in. It may not seem like an obvious solution but it is a brilliant one nonetheless.

Imagine being able to hold an Easter egg hunt for all the children in a high rise block of flats or a street of gardenless terraced houses, isn't that the kind of joy you want to spread this Easter? Well, you can. Artificial grass is versatile, durable and very flexible when it comes to installation. Unlike real grass, artificial grass doesn't need freshly turned soil or well irrigated spaces to thrive. It just needs to be cut to the same size area as where it is needed and then it just needs someone to install it; simple as that. Even the busiest of urban centres have flat, free spaces that could be better utilised. This means that your rundown roof terrace or your big-but-bare balcony can be transformed into an adventure playground this Easter.

A patch of artificial grass can make a boxed-in bare space seem more natural and homely whilst adding some vibrant potted flowers can brighten up the space and give it a bit of character. Then all you need to do is grab some painted or chocolate eggs, hide them in some random spots and get ready for the excitement of a highly anticipated Easter egg hunt. All the fun of an authentic countryside Easter, in the heart of the city! Here's your checklist for the throwing the perfect city centre Easter egg hunt:

The City Centre Easter Egg Hunt Checklist

  • Artificial grass
  • Brightly or pastel coloured flowers
  • Painted, decorated or chocolate Easter eggs
  • An Easter Basket full of goodies for the winner
  • Snacks and drinks
  • A fun kid-friendly playlist to put on while they hunt
  • A camera to capture all the fun and memories

Remember, as perfect as artificial grass is for the ultimate urban Easter egg hunt, it can be used all year round to transform limited outdoor space (like a balcony or roof terrace) into a city centre oasis. 

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