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If you have the advantage of having a fair sized back garden then you may be wondering what you can use the space for. There are probably a thousand possibilities running through your head right now but I bet none of them are for yourself; whether it's a children's play area for your kids or a pristine yard for your wife, none of these suggestions focus on what you want. It's always great to treat ourselves and why not start by transforming your back garden into a miniature golf course?

Of course, it will only be a few holes but if you adore the game and wish to turn your hobby into something more akin to a lifestyle, but just don't have the time to travel to a specialist club, then turning your garden into a golf course is a fantastic way to do so.

So, in order to treat yourself and seize the opportunity that your back garden offers let's take a look at how to turn your garden into a golf course:

Consider time and space

While it might sound easy, the golf course process can be incredibly complex and when not handled correctly can lead to disastrous results that could destroy your entire garden. The best starting point to use is to consider just how much space you have that is usable i.e. flat ground and work from there. It goes without saying that in order for this process to be effective you must have a fairly large garden.

Purchase the Equipment

Although your golf course hasn't been constructed yet it is advised to purchase all the equipment you need beforehand so you can budget how much you can afford to put towards transforming your back garden into a miniature golf course. Required equipment will include:

-          Pitching wedge

-          Putter

-          Multiple Balls

-          Multiple Tees

As a side note, you may want to consider investing in an artificial lawn to eliminate any maintenance needs that may come with seeding a real lawn. Not only this, artificial grass drains water much quicker allowing for play on dry terrain even after a night of solid rain and is incredibly durable making it ideal for golfing. The cost of artificial grass may vary depending on the type of green you need; to check what type of grass you will require, click here.

Excavate the area where your golf green will be placed to a total depth of 51cm (this equates to around 20 inches). In order to avoid the hassle of weeds during your construction process, be sure to remove all of the existing turf. Now it is time to prepare the ground for coverage and plot your holes.

If you're unsure on how to install artificial grass, it is advised to contact a professional to help you in your process to avoid any mishaps or common mistakes that will impact on the final appearance and quality of your back garden golf course.

Once these stages have been done, it is time to get your clubs out and enjoy a lovely round of golf on your brand new golf course!

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