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Water conservation is a big thing, with cost of water on the rise and droughts every summer. This is why fake lawns are becoming more and more popular each year.

Fake lawns only need water for the occasional cleaning and it is not required for the survival of the lawn. In this article we discuss how you can purchase and install fake grass lawns:

  • The first thing you need to do is measure the area where you would like your artificial grass to go. If the area is large you can place poles in each corner and put strong from one pole to the next. If the measurement of one string is 30m and the other is 15m then you need 30m x 50m area that needs fake grass.
  • You then need to decide what sort of artificial lawn you might like, if you have dogs you will want artificial grass that allows draining but if it's for touching up your golfing skills then a shorter grass blade artificial lawn is for you. It is a good idea to speak to artificial grass installers as they can advise the best artificial grass for you.
  • As with all large purchases, it is important to check and read the warranty before purchasing the artificial grass, see if there are any guarantees or if you should expect the lawn colour to fade.
  • Find out what your artificial lawn is made of and ensure that none of your family is allergic to these products. For example, some people can be allergic to latex and this is in some types of artificial lawn.
  • When it comes to artificial lawn price, consider shopping around for the best deal but also bear in mind that you need to choose a reliable and trustworthy company.
  • If you decide to install your artificial lawn yourself then make sure you have a smooth surface, removing any rocks or large pebbles then lay down the padding and then the fake grass on top with all grains facing the same way. Stretch the turf as much as possible during installation as this will prevent buckling of the turf in later life.

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