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It feels like it’s been a very long winter, doesn’t it? Those dark nights seemed to go on forever and the sunshine has only made some very rare appearances. However, the weather forecast is starting to improve slightly, so now is the time to start getting your garden ready.

That means that we can now look forward to heading outside, enjoying the sun whilst sprawled across realistic imitation grass, and hopefully catching a tan in the process!

The Big Tidy Up

First thing’s first, you need to start tidying up anything that’s gone out of control in and around your garden. So if your crawling ivy is taking over the world, or at least your next neighbour’s space, get to work on it now. Likewise, if you have any trees or hedges that need cutting back, now is the best time to get it sorted.

Low Maintenance Grass

Perhaps you are tired of spending loads of time tidying up your garden, mowing the lawn etc.? If so, this could be a really good time to consider a more low maintenance approach such as installing artificial grass. You could quickly turn your garden into a low maintenance but beautiful outdoor space, simply by installing imitation grass.

Artificial grass has become increasingly popular for people looking to make sure their grass area always looks tidy. If your grass is constantly getting worn away, perhaps by endless games of football or general running around, then artificial grass could be your saviour.

Treating Wood

The next time you get a dry day, it could be the perfect time to inspect and treat any wood. For example, any decking, doorsteps, window frames, sheds etc... - external wood is notorious for getting damaged throughout the winter months, so you may find that you have quite a bit of work to be done.

Giving your wood a fresh coat of paint can make the world of difference, so you will be ready to invite your guests round for that last minute barbecue when the sun comes out without the embarrassment of peeling paintwork.

Jet Wash the Patio

Jet washing the patio is that one job that starts off feeling like fun but, after a few hours, you will be sick to the back teeth of doing. When you first start jet washing, it is amazing to see how quickly the dirt comes away and leaves your patio tiles looking like new.

If you have a large patio, that feeling of enjoyment will quickly disappear so if you can delegate it to a teenager then that is always worthwhile trying! Once the jet washing is completed, your patio will be sparkling and look so much nicer. If you are doing other jobs that will make the patio dirty then make sure you do those jobs before the jet washing, so you don’t undo all of your work!

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