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It is a common phrase that it always rains in England and that, as a nation, we are a wet and rainy one, but is this really the case? With water shortages and extreme weather conditions expected for the summer, town and city councils seem to be turning to fake grass lawns for a cost effective and practical solution for keeping England green.

The Met Office is publishing predications of extreme droughts, once a decade, in the United Kingdom; this is based on the dry summer of 1976 which is being used as a benchmark and example. In this year there was water rationing and hose pipe bans across most of the country.

A threat of us having a similar summer this year could leave gardens up and down the United Kingdom loosing their luscious green grass, which could be replaced with soil lawns or brown / yellow grass.

This is why the councils in towns and cities are looking to realistic looking alternatives of real grass and this could be done through fake grass lawns which require less maintenance and watering throughout the year to keep their luscious green look.

Another great thing about fake lawns is that they are UV Stabilised. This means they will not suffer from loss in colour when under excess sunlight.

When you are looking to reduce the water used in your home it is understandable that you will prioritise the use of water in your bathroom and kitchen, but that doesn't mean your garden should miss out.

Avoid the affects of water shortages by considering an artificial grass lawn for your garden.

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