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There has been a shift in using the artificial lawn as opposed to the real grass in sport world lately. So what makes fake lawns more suitable to substitute the standard field surface?

Artificial grass is great in extensive usage areas as normal grass gets worn away fades whereas artificial lawns have the tendency to look appealing all year round.

One of the most obvious qualities of fake lawns is that they're natural looking, giving the illusion that it's actual grass. The benefit of this is that it has all the qualities of fake grass while still looking like real grass and being green all year round.

The artificial grass is also well adapted to poor weather conditions as under a hot sun, there is no noticeable colour change or fade - it is UV stabilized. In the rain, the water simply drains through. There won't be any muddy patches anymore.

One of the main advantages of fake lawns for sports surfaces is that they can be played on all-year round. Some football pitches, for example, have restricted playing hours due to damage of the grass and seasons.

With artificial grass, you do not have this problem, as on most lawns, football boots do not damage the grass enough for it to be unplayable on.  Also no matter what season of the year, it makes no difference to the condition of the grass.

Another advantage of using artificial grass for sports is its durability and reassurance for safer play. As no grass gets ripped up in playtime, exposing no hard or wet muddy areas, the risk of twisted ankles due to uneven surfaces and slipping in the mud is minimal.

Artificial lawns are easy to maintain, reducing the cost in ground keeping and maintenance. The grass needs the occasional water to wash away any trapped dirt and a regular brush to keep the leaves in line. Alongside the savings in maintenance, investing in fake lawns is also an eco-friendly alternative to real grass.

This is not only because you don't need to mow or water the lawn saving both water consumption and CO2 emission level, but also if your grass infill includes rubber, it is most commonly from recycled car tires! On top of that, there is no need for harmful chemicals such as pesticides as you will not have any noxious weeds growing through.

For hay fever sufferers, artificial grass is ideal as it does not pollinate. Therefore, the amount of pollen you will be exposed to will significantly decrease therefore you will not be subjected to bad hay fever during game time.

Most artificial lawns carry a 5 year guarantee due to the fact that they are incredibly resilient and cannot actually die; however they are expected to last a lot longer than this providing the grass receives the proper care and maintenance.

Artificial lawns are definitely the best option for any sports field, including hockey, football even rugby due to its long-lasting guarantee. 

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