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Though fake grass lawns provide a number of benefits over real grass lawns, they can still unfortunately develop moss and mould if not properly looked after.

Those with synthetic grass lawns are encouraged to brush the grass on a weekly basis to prevent the build of leaves, twigs and other debris which can encourage the growth of moss. A soft bristled brush or a rake should prove sufficient and anything collected can be disposed of on the compost heap for the less artificial elements of the garden or park.

In addition, moss and algae killer should be applied to the lawn, when dry, to further protect the lawn. These chemicals should not be rinsed from the lawn, as they will dry into the grass and kill off any remaining moss spores which may remain and also prevent new ones from forming. Ensure the synthetic grass lawn has been given a thorough and concentrated application.

With these tips in mind, the health of your lawn will be assured. For more information on artificial lawns and related products, contact the Artificial Lawn Company. 

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