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As the sun is upon us, now is the time to start considering getting the grass cutter out and mowing the lawn, but is that really a risk you want to take or is now the time to consider a fake grass lawn? Yes, I said risk; mowing your lawn is a very risky business.

It has been discovered in a recent BBC Report that just fewer than seventy thousand people in America were admitted to A & E in the last five years in lawn mower related accidents with the most serious being bone fractures, limb amputations and even a number of deaths through mowing the lawn.

It has also been reported that well over six thousand people in the United Kingdom are injured every year by a regular garden lawn mower - pretty high numbers hey? Now you know how mowing your lawn can become very risky business.

This is another reason that gardeners all over the world are considering fake lawns for their gardens, as these fake grass lawns do not need to be mowed and still keep their fresh green look throughout the year with minimal maintenance and care required.

There are also other benefits to having a fake grass lawn, these benefits include saving on water, helping to reduce air pollution, avoiding allergies to grass and pollen, less maintenance and more time outside while enjoying your garden.

Maybe it's time that you considered installing fake grass in your garden and think of all the savings you will make on time, water and money.

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