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Innovation in any field be it medicine, travel or technology has always had its fair share of critics. Even when the positives far outweigh the negatives, there are always a few voices of critique. Artificial grass it would seem was not spared either in that regard. It is one of the best breakthroughs in landscape design yet to this day there remain several common misconceptions. This will be the topic of today's discussion as we take a look at some of these theories and debunk them in order to set the record straight.

False Theory No. 1 - Too Expensive

Critics have long complained about artificial grass being too expensive. However, to call it too expensive is unfair. It suggests that there is a huge difference between it and natural grass cost-wise, which is simply not true at all. Anyone can afford artificial grass today.

Artificial grass is quite reasonably priced today. The larger the lawn, the more the cost. If there is any pre-existing grass, it would need to be taken out and the entire surface levelled. This also adds to the overall cost. The type of artificial grass used also impacts price. There are different types of grass that range in colour, type of material used and durability. Each is different in price to allow more people the option to use them in their landscape. The truth of the matter is that artificial grass is now a very cost effective and eco-friendly way to enhance the look of your lawn.

False Theory No. 2 - Only Lasts 15 Years

Only 15 years? That's it? 15 years is actually a very long time! Most cars don't last this long yet people have no qualms about upgrading them after just a few years. What's so bad about artificial grass and its 15-year long durability then? Artificial grass is long lasting and its benefits can be reaped for more than a decade. In other words, one investment in artificial grass could potentially last through half your entire mortgage. A ringing endorsement by all means.

False Theory No. 3 - Doesn't Look Like the Real Thing

Artificial grass has evolved tremendously over the years. It can be easily installed and/or replaced with very little effort. What's more, it is hard tell the difference between a real grass landscape and an artificial grass landscape. Visually speaking, if both are placed right next to each other, you won't see any difference.

We hope this clarifies some misconceptions regarding artificial grass and sets the record straight. Artificial Lawns is a renowned supplier of artificial grass in the United Kingdom. We have over 10 years of experience in the supply and installation of artificial grass and artificial lawns. For more information, our complete range of products can be viewed on our website, alternatively feel free to get in touch and we will answer any queries which you may have! 

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